Samsung’s Enterprise Solutions Enhance Seamless Communication

The Korean electronics giant Samsung has broken the shackles of the image that it had of serving only consumers with their personal and household use gadgets. The company has made a giant vertical leap to serve enterprises and industries with it’s mobility solutions. These innovations, of course, come due to the growing demand of enterprise related businesses to have better communication system within.

Remaining connected with ease

The introduction of the Samsung enterprise solutions in the hospitality industry has proved to be immensely profitable as also in large industrial and corporate conglomerates. The solution addresses all issues related to wireless communication.

  • The communication manager of the solution is aimed to enable small businesses to setup their individual wireless communication solution.
  • The single serve and purely SIP-based system is an all-in-one wireless communication solution that provides the call control, voice conferencing apart from mobility.
  • So as to empower the solutions with a quality communication flow, the Access points that Samsung has brought in it’s WEA400 Series and WEA300 Series provide powerful data coverage.
  • Using the LTE technology the access points function beyond conventional wireless networks making both voice as well as video communication as sing song.
  • The access point controller comes next in the repertoire and is designed to address the accurate and much-needed control of critical wireless communication.
  • The controllers then provide optimal wireless communication for smartphones, personal computers and notebooks.

Easy to operate systems

When you talk regarding a unified communication enterprise solution, you naturally cannot ignore the VoIP. Despite using the most advanced technology, the systems are easy to use for a seamless enterprise communications.

  • The wireless enterprise VoIP is a mobile client that will take care of all your telecommunication needs using the LTE technology.
  • The 3D dialer and the HD voice along with the Wi-Fi offers a hassle-free communication in an environment that needs flexibility in communication and collaboration in work.
  • Receiving a call through the enterprise solution gives you the complete freedom to move from the desk phone.
  • Easy call transfer facilities, conferencing options and also recording them for future references all make the VoIP client a part of the enterprise ambience.

The ultimate solution

The final jewel in the crown of the enterprise solutions is, of course, the Knox that offers a comprehensive mobile solution for both work as well as play. Without invading into the privacy of employees, the system can effectively serve the security needs of enterprises. The systems are geared to provide your business environment a seamless and friendly wireless communication and also protecting business data.

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