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Web development industry is rising, and it’s rising very fast. Due to digitalisation in various fields the need of web development has seen sharp rise. Many organisations now want trendy and attractive websites in order to bring more customers to their site so that their sales may go up. Many platforms are available for developing a website and it’s very essential for an organisation to decide the correct platform before selecting any one.

What Is Scala?

Scala is object oriented and uses C programming language. It is a kind of general purpose programming language. The word Scala is a combination of scalable and language. Java libraries can be used without any interference in Scala code and vice versa. It was the year 2001 when work on Scala was started but it was after three years in 2004 that Scala was publically released on Java platform. Android development can be easily done as Scala is very much compatible with Java. Scala’s ability to gather to Java script helps it writing Scala programs that can run in web browsers.

What Are its Features?

Scala’s worldwide acceptance shows that it is very user friendly and developers tend to use this programming language more often than the other. Some of its main features are as follows:

  • Expressive: Scala can be used in any case just like Java or C#. It has a very expressive composition which helps in forming useful concepts. Scala is such a powerful programming language that it can design internal DSL.
  • Efficiency in Functionality: A programming language comes to use more when it is easy to use. It provides large number of abilities which are seen in functional programming languages. This feature itself means that Scala programs can be wrote in exact functioning style.
  • Type Implication: Due to type implication or more technically known as type inference function return values and many other important expressions can be absent.
  • Operating Methods: Scala doesn’t have operator straining as it doesn’t have any operator at all. Scala mainly depends upon methods which includes variables classes and traits.

When Is Scala Used?

Scala is a smart programming language which is widely used by the Scala web development Company. Like other available programming languages Scala has the ability to run on Java virtual machine with effectiveness. Scala’s framework are the reason behind the Akka’s message passing and finagle’s future. The main reason why developers are keen on using Scala programming language is that it allows functional programming concepts like functors and monads. Scala is considered to be the futuristic language that can replace Java.

With increase in its use many large web developers are getting more used to with this kind of programming language. Due to its simplicity is its usage the developers find it more feasible to use Scala while developing a program. A developer can easily use Scala in both small and large critical programming. Developers are so fond of Scala that recently Scala won the Scriptbowl contest at JavaOne conference.

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