The Second Generation: Google Pixel 2

In this smart phone and smart device era, we have seen a lot of developments in the field of gadgets and their fields and every new day brings rays of new technologies in them. Similarly, it’s time to witness yet another new product from the makers of the best mobile phones around the globe. The GOOGLE PIXEL 2 is the latest and the most advanced model of the company. Google has always promised its customers to get them the best of the products and this time it’s the same promise.

It might not be an understatement to say that GOOGLE PIXEL 2 is a giant smart phone. A phone with a display size of 5.7 inches would be called one! This will be the third flagship model of the company in a row and hence Google has the loyalty value added to its account.

Unlike some of the other smart phones, GOOGLE PIXEL 2 is supposed to be built in with the latest and the most updated Android version namely the Android Marshmallow that is the recent development in the world of android.


GOOGLE PIXEL 2 is believed to be succeeded by the other models like the 2 EDGE and 2 PLUS. Usually the Pixel 2 is to be made with a RAM of 4 GB but the Edge model is believed to come up with a 6 GB RAM.

There can be a sort of an adrenaline rush for the audiences who love to click pictures at every point if they go for this model. The GOOGLE PIXEL 2 is equipped with a 16 megapixels back camera to help capture beautiful moments for a lifetime. To give it more additions in its scores, it has a front camera of 5 megapixels that will facilitate taking good, clear and wide angle selfies.

The GOOGLE PIXEL 2 has a new feature called the Heterogeneous Multi Processing technology that helps the costumer to use all the desired cores to the full extent and then get better results. This helps the model to be in the running to become the best gadget in the world.

The GOOGLE PIXEL 2 is made with a new kind of a metal that happens to be an alloy of magnesium, thus making it light in weight and protecting it from shocks. This gives the model more points in its safety and prevents it from being vulnerable to breakage.

GOOGLE PIXEL 2 will come up with a new kind of a glass called the Turtle glass, that is believed to be tougher than the usually used Gorilla glass and this makes it a rough and tough model too. The phone being of such a size will be prone to damages and so these types of protecting amenities in them will help protect the phones.

GOOGLE PIXEL 2 being the latest flagship model of the company is expected to hit the markets by the third quarter of 2017. Priced at a cost of Rupees 53-60k in Indian market, the flagship model is hoped to make good business and set new milestones in the market.

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