How to Secure Your WordPress Website – Tips to Follow

It is high time that we need to make sure that every single thing that we use online is protected. Without security, it is really hard to overcome malware in this cruel digital world.

Do you own a WordPress website? Have you secured it from all malware? Not really? Then this post would help you with securing your WordPress website. Let me explain you some of the possible ways to protect your website from being attacked by malware.

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Fixing up login URL:

The foremost step that you should take even before you secure your front end website is the admin URL. When it comes to WordPress website it is real

ly common with the admin URL which everyone is familiar with.

And this is really important to make changes even to your admin URL which is the

So let’s see how to change the login URL. There are chances that hackers can easily attack the usual login URLs and brutally attack admin details. This can be restricted from being attacked.

The iThemes Security plugin can help you to change the login-URL. Find some of the examples of unique URL.

You could try my_new_admin instead of /wp-admin

And my_new_login instead of wp-login.php

The reason behind hackers attacking default domain names is, it is easy to guess or recognize admin login details. And that is why it is recommended to change or come up with a new URL login.

Adjusting passwords:

Passwords are the second most important thing that everyone needs to look up at. If you are not going to be mindful of them, then you are going to face a lot of consequences. You need to make sure that you often change your password.

You can also make use of password generators that can help you generate unique ones that nobody could hack them easily as you think.

The other most important thing is the dashboard. A hacker finds it too difficult when he happens to handle a secured dashboard. So it is really good that you hold a complicated one that puts a hacker under circumstances that he cannot handle. And if he breaks it, then he could damage the entire website. So make sure to have a secured dashboard.

Encrypt data with SSL:

If you have come across my previous blogs I would have recommended the importance of encrypting your data with SSL certificate. And that is what I would suggest even here. If you own a website, it is really important and you should ensure that your data is safe.

These days’ people are so much clever in handling websites. People are aware of the data encryption process and believe that it could save their privacy and that is absolutely true. SSL certificates are highly recommended for websites and it is good that website owners pay some attention towards it.

You would think getting an SSL certificate for your website would be troublesome work. But I would tell SSL certificates these days are really simple to claim. You could purchase a Wildcard SSL Certificate from a genuine company.

The other most important thing with the SSL certificate is, they can affect your search rankings at Google. Higher SSL certified websites rank better on Google than the ones that do not own it. So it is good that you encrypt your website data with a perfect SSL certificate.

Update themes and plugins often:

Many of us do not bother on updating our WordPress themes and plugins. We think updating them doesn’t matter much. Some would think updating might trick you down with breaking your codes.

But this turns to be the ultimate reason behind getting your site hacked. This is something serious that you need to take care of. So whenever you are notified of an update, do not hesitate to get them done. Especially, when you are running multiple websites it is really hard to track these updates.  But still, when you are notified about it take time to get them done on your own which further helps you in securing your website.

Avoid bad plugins:

It is obvious that we try to make things work simple for our sake. But that can put you under trouble at any time. This is indeed in case of plugins. While installing plugins to your website to help you get work done simple, make sure that those plugins are coded properly.

There are chances of poor plugins ruining your website. They give space to hackers to easily interact with your website and get them down. So, before you could proceed installing all that you see, it is good to check with the reviews of the plug-in.

This could keep you away from malware and malicious attacks. So, make sure you review your plug-in and then get them installed on your website.



Site backup:

Site backup is one of the most important things that one should take care of. When you are constantly working on multiple websites, you need to be very clever in handling them. You should always ensure to have a backup of your website. This may help you some or the other way.

Hackers who hack website mainly focus on the content that you have on the website. They not only grab them but they try to destroy them so that the ranking of the website could be spoiled. Under such circumstances, your backup data will help you more than you expect.

Just like any other plug-in, you have various plugins to backup data that you have on your website. Get them installed on your website and backup your data every now and then. But as mentioned earlier do not install plugins that are poorly coded.

Wrap up:

The above-mentioned steps are highly focused to get a perfect security for your perfect WordPress website. Make sure to follow all the above-mentioned security steps to secure your website from malicious attacks.

Out of all these, the SSL certification and Backup of data are two major points that any website owner should be mindful of. Do not hesitate any of them that you may be put at risk. In case if I have missed any of the valuable points do let me know through your valuable comments.


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