Seedbox Vs VPN, Which One You Should Choose And Why? Things to Know

While browsing the internet, the most important and essential factor that runs in everyone’s mind is security. This is a time when copyright breaches can lead to lawsuits. That is not all; the government agencies are also trying to catch hold of the internet activities to get better control. At this juncture when you think of maintaining your security, you are left with two options: VPN (Virtual Private Network) and seedbox. Let’s find out which one should you choose and why when it comes to Seedbox vs VPN?

How VPN works:

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VPN as the name suggests private network, it actually connects two remote locations through the exclusive and dedicated server. All you need to is to sign in into the VPN through a personal computer and use the trusted key that has been provided to by the client that will help you in keeping your communication anonymous by encrypting everything.

The above image explains its benefits. If you look at the image, you would discover that it hinders and blocks everyone from tracing out your IP address because the data travels through an encrypted VPN tunnel. That is not all; it can also help you in accessing geo-specific contents. For example, you can access content from Netflix in the locations where it has restricted the content access facility because you will be accessing from the VPN service located elsewhere in the world.

VPN is good for business use because you can connect to remote locations. Since it offers security, you can use it even while on the go. if you are someone who travels regularly, then you must and should choose VPN.

How to use VPN:

Every VPN service provider offers you application and software so that you can log into the client server. The plans are crafted for specific and individual needs, you can either choose monthly or quarterly plan to depend upon on your usage and needs.

There are various types of VPN packages available in the market like Express VPN, IP Vanish VPN and much more. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You must look at the service offering and features of the service provider and plans respectively to make the right decisions.

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Seedbox is a dedicated physical server that helps in downloading from torrent sites. You can download content from torrent sites round the clock. Seedbox can make you content to a 10 Gbps network with limitless bandwidth thus giving you immense downloading and uploading capability.

Whenever anyone tries to trace your internet activities, they will be stopped at the server of the seedbox. In addition, you can get a storage capacity as high as 3 TB. It also allows you to access geo-specific contents too.

The image above can help you in getting understand the whole process. Just look at the brown seedbox in the image, it actually hides your IP address unlike the local ISP that makes you vulnerable to the hacking community and other authorities who monitor your activities.

Seedbox will allow you to upload and download content quickly. As you go on using the seedbox, it will allow you to access more content. In addition, it can help you eradicating MPAA and RIAA related issues.

How to use seedbox: Just like VPN, seedbox also offers tools and application that can facilitate better user experience. You also get plans according to your own requirements and needs. That is not all; you also get additional features like Plex and sonar for better and optimized downloads.

You are also likely to get free seedboxes too, but then of course, if you want greater security, then you must choose a paid version. That means you have to buy subscriptions from trustworthy service providers. Let’s find out the pros and cons of Seedbox vs VPN to decide the best option.

VPN advantages:

  • VPN will encrypt your traffic while you browse so that you can maintain anonymity
  • It spoofs your IP address. That means anyone trying to reach your IP address will reach VPN client side IP address
  • Since it is capable of spoofing your IP address, you will appear as if you are working from some other destination
  • File sharing between becomes easier
  • You can beat geo-restrictions and access to content and applications easily

VPN Disadvantages:

  • It can restrict you from downloading torrent
  • Using another server for web and internet traffic can slow the internet speed down.
  • The security can be as strong as the remote uses, not beyond that

Advantages of Seedbox:

  • Enhanced security for the torrent download
  • Your IP address remains invisible even when you are online
  • Extremely fast upload and download speed
  • It offers you large storage capability
  • You do not have to use your personal bandwidth while downloading from the torrent

Disadvantages of Seedbox:

  • Good for only torrent use
  • Not useful for business needs
  • Since it goes through two download stages, it might look complicated at times

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Faceoff between VPN and Seedbox:

While VPN is highly useful for remote connections, Seedbox is quite convenient for folks looking for the torrent download. However, both the services are meant for security. In a nutshell, each has its own plus points and negative side. So, what should you choose?

What should you choose?

If you are a content creator or someone who loves to watch movies or gets indulged in downloading content via torrent, then you should choose seedbox because it is exclusively meant for torrent download. Since it does not use your local bandwidth, you can save money that you might have sent otherwise if you would have choosen your ISP instead to download content from the torrent.

If you are a business house or an entrepreneur that needs the secure connection, then you should choose VPN, the market report suggests that VPN is highly used by corporate houses to run their business smoothly. Especially, it is good for cross-country business operations because you can simply spoof your IP address which can give you a better sense of security. By analyzing this Seedbox vs VPN comparison study you can take the right step.


By now, you must have known the importance technicalities and features of both VP and seedbox. Undoubtedly, you need to have security on the digital platform if you want to keep your personal data secure. Hence, it is important that you understand the workings of seedbox and VPN so that you can make the right choice.

Ultimately, everything boils down to the cost. Just because they are secure, you should not spend resources mindlessly. You must identify your needs and requirements before choosing the right services.

It is advisable that you reach out to the service providers and clarify all your doubts regarding the scope of services. Note: security level depends on the service provider’s technological capability. So, do not remain under the impression that each VPN and seedbox service provider offers you the same level of security.

Since the level of security varies, you should look at some testimonials and reviews to find out how users perceive the service provider and what quality service they offer. In addition, you must look at their technical support team because exclusivity of this service comes with technical intricacies. Hence, you must find a service provider that has the robust technical team to handle all technical issues should they take place.

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