How to Select the Best Indian Language Keypad for Your Android Smart Phones

While the default keypad in most Android smartphones comes with the very basic English language characters and other features vary with every new version, this can be a serious problem for the non-English speaking population of India. Fortunately, users can download Indian language keypads for Android to communicate in their native language. There are many such Indic language keypads available on Store and it can be a daunting task to choose the best that works with your phone. If you are looking for such a keypad, make sure that it has the features mentioned in this post.

Online Language Translation

Translation & Transliteration

One of the best ways to look out for the best multi-language keyboard apps for Android smart phones is to ensure that it should support translation & transliteration options. This rich feature enables you to type in English and have the message translated or transliterated in your desired local language. Say, you type “Happy birthday”, translation should give you the output as “जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएं” and transliteration “हैप्पी बर्थडे”; both options are equally important and hence a necessity.

Multilanguage Support in Android

Flexible Keypad Layouts

Keypad layouts help decide the arrangement of keys on the screen. Apart from supporting multiple Indian languages, another important feature is its ability to offer easy to use layout designs. Layouts like phonetic, shiftless & inscriptive most commonly available layouts to allow for faster typing. Best keypads will be able to adjust the layout size according to the phone screen.

Personal Dictionary

Some of the Indian language keypad for Android smartphones comes with a personal dictionary. With the help of this feature, the keypad will automatically save the names, phrases and words that you commonly use during conversations. These saved words are then showed as suggestions when you type to reduce the time that you spend while typing.

Speech-to-Text Feature

While this feature is not mandatory, it certainly can make typing an effortless process for you. With the help of this feature, you will only be required to speak what you want to type and the keypad app will automatically type the same for you. This feature is generally user-adaptive and allows the keypad to get smarter with the usage.

Attractive Keypads and customization options.

The keypad should also come with handy customization options. Beautiful themes, customizable gesture, adjustable keypad size, etc. will only make it easier for you to type messages in your Android smartphones while also making sure that the keypad looks attractive. Few other keypads offer “Create your own theme” feature.

Language Translator Software

Language Translator Software – Process9

If you want the best Indian language keypad for Android smart phone, MOX Words Indic Language Keypad is best to download. The keypad app comes with a total of 22 Indian languages and English. It offers best of features, like prediction technology, built-in dictionary, translation/transliteration, customization to make typing easier and quicker for you. Be it sending mails, chatting on Whats App, or posting something on Facebook, everything can now be done in local Indian languages with MOX Words keypad.

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