What are the SEO and Digital Trends of 2017

SEO and digital trends are evolving always. That’s why the SEO and digital strategies need to evolve too. In 2017, there are certain aspects that are going to get more emphasis from the SEO companies.


In the first half of this article we will discuss about those SEO and digital trends that are going to get maximum importance. To be ahead of others, you must be adept with all the upcoming trends. There are 6 distinct aspects that require close monitoring and they are:

#1 Google is giving all possible hints of going to a mobile-only environment
One of the first and definite signals that show that Google is slowly but steadily moving to a mobile only environment is the mobile-first indexing aspect. Google, the largest search engine globally, has been pushing the frontiers and trying to change an age-old mindset on desktop. It is trying to change the same from a desktop based mindset to a mobile based one. Two definite approaches have been selected by Google in this end and they are:

• Evangelizing
• Forcing people to adopt a mobile-friendly environment

SEO services in India are keeping this aspect in mind and are accordingly guiding their clients and the web designers to adopt a mobile friendly world, away from the desktop based environment.

#2 Personalization of Search, Predictability, and Entity are getting more Emphasis
There is no doubt that links are still the most important factor for higher ranking of pages in Google SERP. However, it has been seen that Google is giving a lot of emphasis on personalized search. In fact, Google is trying to bring more results to the users on the basis of personalised preferences. In addition to this aspect, two more aspects are getting emphasis and they are predictive aspect of the user’s preferences, and most importantly entity. Two devices that are very personal in approach are home assistants as well as smartphones. This is where everything is getting converged to. This is the reason why more and more emphasis is being given to personalised search along with predictability of user search pattern.

#3 Voice Search is gaining Momentum
One of the most happening aspects of search is the voice search ability in Google. In fact, this is the area where Bing is also making great strides. The only competition Google has in voice search realm is that from Bing and this is why the game becomes so interesting here. Search personalisation, predictability, and entity are becoming very important here. SEO services in India are keeping this aspect of voice search optimization in mind.

#4 Relevance of Local Search is increasing and becoming more Relevant
As it is now clear that mobile or smartphones are getting more importance. This is the reason why the importance of local search is becoming more and more important. Local search relevance is becoming higher and higher with mobile-only world, the direction where the online world is shifting to from a desktop-preferring audience. There has been a renewed trend of enhancement in terms of “Internet of moving things”. Whether you are a SEO services company in India or abroad, keeping these aspects in mind are important.

#5 Image or Video Marketing
Another marketing aspect that is gaining momentum is in the field of video or image marketing. Google is placing more importance to it and in 2017 it is going to be one of the focus areas where Google will concentrate more and spike up its revenue. This is mainly because of the increasing clout of facebook in YouTube’s share of the market.

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