How To Set Up Domain Forwarding For Godaddy and Bigrock Domains.

Domain forwarding is a widely used feature. This basically means redirecting a user that enters one domain name in the address bar to a different domain name. It has a lot of practical uses. The main one is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. In SEO, backlinks are highly important.  It has now become a common SEO technique to acquire domains having a lot of backlinks and then redirecting that website to the main money site so that all the link juice gets passed to it. This technique is risky and must not be done directly. Tiers can be used.



Redirection is also done by people who wish to change their domain name to a newer better and in some cases, branded one.


#1. Set up a 301/302 domain forwarding on Godaddy – 

Godaddy is one of the topmost companies in the domain business. Their advertising campaigns attract a lot of visitors. Godaddy has been selling new domain names for Rs99 or 1.5USD since way back, and this has made them famous. Now let us see how to redirect a domain in GoDaddy.


  1. First things first, head over to and click on the sign in button to sign in with your Username or Customer Number and password.
  2. Your account dashboard will now be visible showing all of your products. Click on the expand Plus icon near the DOMAINS tab.
  3. Now look for your domain name and click on Manage DNS.
  4. On the page that opens up, choose the forwarding tab.
  5. Click on the ADD button near the Domain or Subdomain tab as per your need.
  6. Now choose if the site to redirect to uses http:// or https://
  7. Enter the domain name to redirect to in the text box. Make sure you enter the www as needed.
  8. Choose if you want a Permanent 301 or Temporary 302 redirect.
  9. Choose if you want a masked or unmasked redirect. Masking is useful for SEO. If you choose “with masking” you can enter the title, description and the keywords.
  10. Tick the checkbox near “Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change.”
  11. Finally, click on Save.

The redirect should happen in a few minutes since Godaddy is always quick in updating their DNS.

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#2. Set up a 301 domain forwarding on Bigrock –

Bigrock, operating out of Mumbai, India, is another company working mainly in the domain business. Their redirection process is not as simple as that of GoDaddy, neither is it rocket science. They do not have an option to do a 302 redirect. You will need to make use of the .htaccess file to do a 302 redirect. Here are the steps for a 301 one:


  1. Head over to and click on the sign in button to sign in with your Username and password.
  2. From your list of domains, choose the domain you need to redirect.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Manage DNS setting.
  4. A new smaller window will open up now. Go to CNAME record first and delete any CNAMES other than the ones for subdomains and emails. Remove the ones such as
  5. Next open the A records section and delete all of the records that you see.
  6. Add these 3 records One after the other

    Name:                   IPv4 Address
    Name:- www         IPv4 Address
    Name:- *               IPv4 Address
  7. Now close this window and go back to the older window. Open Domain Forwarding settings.
  8. On the new window that pops up, you can see the various options needed for Domain forwarding service.
  9. Choose whether the new site runs on ssl or not and enter the correct URL on the text box.
  10. Choose whether URL masking is needed.
  11. Select sub domain forwarding if you also want the subdomains to redirect.
  12. Choosing the Path forwarding will make all the individual URLs of pages redirect correctly to the new domain. Be sure to turn this ON if you are changing the domain name of your website.
  13. Click on the save button to save it all.

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Unlike Godaddy, a Bigrock redirection has never happened instantly for me. Wait for some minutes or even an hour before you start calling us liars.


This is how you redirect a domain managed by Godaddy or Bigrock. Hope you would not have to google the next time you are looking to 301 redirect a domain. ?


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