How Skype Lowers Costs Of Doing Business Internationally?

Increasing costs are part and parcel of the business, but when they rise irrationally, they have to be brought within limits. It is when you start looking out for solutions that can bring the costs down and increase the profitability directly or indirectly. Skype provides cheapest international calls, and they are very helpful in reducing travel related expenses. Let’s see few things more. Apart from this, let this infographic explain why should you use skype?

Why Should You Use Skype?

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Skype Reduces Travel Costs

They form a large part of doing business nationally and internationally. If your client needs the demonstration of your products or service, you have no choice but to travel. Development in the communication technology has reduced the requirement for business trips. Now you can interact with your client without having to travel, with the help of Skype. Let’s see how Skype does it:


Fewer International Business Travel

With Skype, you can make free calls to any other Skype user present anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer with the internet and his Skype ID. Thus you don’t have to make expensive international trips in the initial stages of discussions with your prospects while finalizing a large deal. You and your team can take advantage of the Skype & save a lot in travel costs. By now you might be wondering how Skype does it:


Cheaper VoIP Based Voice Calls

Skype offers VoIP-based voice calls to any mobile or landline across the world. As mentioned earlier Skype to Skype calls are free, but calls made to mobiles and landlines are paid. But they still are cheaper in comparison to the ISD calls. To make international calls using Skype, you need to have Skype credits. You can buy them with the debit or the credit card online.

No Extra System For Video Conferences

For making video calls with Skype, all you need is a webcam if you are using a simple computer. There is no need for extra hardware that will increase the expenses. When you want to make a video call, it is just a click away.


No Extra Charges For Group Calls

In day to day business you have to collaborate with your team members sitting in the various parts of the world and this where the group call feature of the Skype come handy. You can include your various team members in a video conference or groups call without extra charge. Thus with Skype cheapest international calls are available to your business for any purpose you want.

Skype Reduces Hardware Costs

With Skype, you can rest assured that you’ll require no extra hardware for setting up a communication system for the organization. It means there will be no requirement of people for maintaining the system. Thus the total costs of operations will be significantly reduced with Skype.


Skype Reduces Calling Costs

If you are already using any other means to make calls to your clients overseas, even then Skype can substantially reduce the total calling costs. You can buy Skype credits to make an international call for as low as INR 30. It means that there are lesser upfront costs involved in making Skype calls. It is especially useful for the small scale businesses that have many expenses to deal with in the starting phase of their business.

Skype Is Easier to Use

What makes Skype even more appealing is the easiness with which you can use it in your business. You don’t need any technical knowledge to start using it, and the voice & video calls can be made in few clicks.



In the end, more and more features are being added to Skype to make it more useful so you must start using it in business if you haven’t done it so far.

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