Smart SEO ideas and techniques to be a winner

SEO has completely changed the face of the internet marketing. The online business houses use SEO technique to make their advertisement more cost effective. It helps in increasing the number of customers and improves the visibility of the website. More and more people have become well aware of online business through SEO.

It is a very volatile system. What is important and applicable today may not exist after a month. Many changes keep happening over a period of time in the SEO algorithms and it becomes challenging for the business to maintain their ranking.


As a result of all these, volatility the SEO specialists have to bring out new ideas and techniques to be ahead in the race and maintain its position. They always have to be on their toes and be updated with the latest strategy. This is where you require the help of experts like SEO Hero


For a successful SEO, you need to keep in mind these two steps:
• Identifying the techniques to be used.
• Putting in hundred percent effort to execute them.

But if you are thinking as to what makes a successful SEO strategy, then look at the points given below. Optimization Hero will help you to outshine in your market.

Google always believes in providing valuable and useful information to its users.

To get your page on the rich answers box, getting your page on the first page of the Google search is very important.

Use the following to improve the website’s visibility:

Usage of long-tail keywords: To effectively achieve better ranks in SERPs, use long-tail keywords in the title tag of the page.
Usage of keywords in URLs: Use URLs that are SEO friendly to get the website ranking better.
Content should be user-friendly: The content was written should be simple, effective, easily understood and fresh for the readers.
Terms and conditions should be clear: The website should always include all the privacy policies mentioned with the clear description of the terms and conditions on the website. It makes the website authentic.
Wise usage of H1, H2 tags: Use the keywords for maximum benefit.
Keep the title tag short: Limit your title tag to 60 characters to attract the search engines and the users.
Social sharing buttons: To make your website shareable according to the convenience of the user, integrate the social sharing buttons on your website.
Reduce the bounce rate: Include videos to improve the conversion rate and create reliable content for landing pages.
Usage of impressive SEO: Keep checking the profile of your backlinks and analyze the URLs list.
Use tools to improve your site’s health: The Google search console is a tool used to check the health of the website and also fix any serious or major errors immediately.
Replace the thin content with high-quality content: To address specific issues of the users proper analyzing of the website is important to replace thin content with actionable and useful content.
Videos to be added: To keep the audiences engaged on your website always add a video to the front page of the website and increase your conversion rate.
Usage of Yelp: Use it to improvise your visibility in the local markets to engage more audiences.
Site analyzer: To improve the performance of the website, this tool is very effective.

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