Software Quality Assurance Testing: The Top Ingredient to Create a Successful Mobile App

Mobiles have become an indispensable technology of our time. Our day starts and ends with smartphones. Spending a day without smartphones is quite difficult. However, the thing that makes us so addictive and obsessed with our smartphones is mobile apps. Every time when we use our smartphone, we actually interact with mobile apps.

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Now, let’s be honest!

Will you spend your time in interacting with a mobile app which is not engaging? Will you use a mobile app not having cool UI and features? And what about using a mobile app that gets crashed often?

Well, it is evident you will avoid using mobile app that doesn’t have:

  • Simplicity
  • Cool UI & Features
  • Good Performance

The Same thing is applicable for your mobile users as well. As we all know, it’s a mobile world, and many leading companies went mobile to ride the mobile wave. On the other hand, many organizations are yet to join the mobile revolution.

All three things mentioned above together make a great mobile app. However, there is one more ingredient without which you can’t create a successful mobile app, and that is software quality assurance testing!

What is Software Quality Assurance Testing?

Software quality assurance testing is a set of techniques which is used to evaluate the quality of steps taken to create a quality mobile app. It ensures the final mobile app will meet customers’ quality expectations by fixing bugs and following standard methods to improve the development process.

What to Test?

Software quality assurance testing includes following different types of Testing.

Functionality Testing – Being an app user, you expect from a mobile app to function accurately, quickly, and consistently. It is simple, if your app is not usable, it would not attract users.

Compatibility Testing – It includes testing of mobile apps on different devices, screen sizes, and OS versions to ensure it is compatible with all existing devices and platforms.

Interface Testing – It involves the testing of menus, key press, orientation, gesture, and navigation & flow of the mobile application.

Services Testing – It includes the testing of APIs you integrated into your mobile app. For instance, location-based services.

Security Testing – In security testing, a mobile application is tested and validated to check the information system protects data or not.

Over to You

Mobile app testing is not a one-time done thing! The landscape of mobile is constantly evolving and changing everyday which throws a demand for continuous updates to improve mobile application. So, you will need software quality assurance testing every time when you will need to rebuild your app after necessary tweaks for updates.

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