Softwares: Simplifying lives since 1842

The advancement of software since the early 1940s has gone through various changes and evolutions. The innovations and evolutions achieved throughout the years have reached new heights that were not believed to be possible.

A software is a programming instruction to direct a machine or a computer. While for many, software became popular in the 80’s with the likes of Microsoft and Apple Inc becoming famous with their computers. Today there are software development companies in Lebanon, USA, UK, India; almost everywhere in the world. However, little do people know that software programs that run these computers had been in use much before computers came in. In fact, the origin of software can be dated to the 19th century.



The Beginning

The evolution of software began in the early 1940’s. The very first computer program was written by Ada Lovelace in 1842. Late in 1842-43, she translated Italian mathematician article. This was a revolutionary achievement at that time. In the mid-1800’s Charles Babbage build a machine for doing mathematical calculations correctly. It was the first computer of its type. It helped people to do error free calculations and save time.


The first breakthrough was achieved in 1957 in the form of FORTRAN. It stands for FORmula TRANslating system. It was designed at IBM center. It was a basic programming language with low-level access to computers. It formed only three commands IF, GOTO, and DO, but was a big achievement at that time.

In 1959, to overcome the barriers of the FORTRAN language, COBOL was introduced. It was designed as the language for businessmen. It helped to organize and track the data in a systematic manner. It had numbers and strings of text as its data types. This evolution helped the businesses to grow and smooth workflow in the organization.

It was clear from the very early staged the need for stable and reliable software in the field of information technology. For automating the human tasks and increasing the proficiency and efficiency; it was vital to develop the technology for individual and organizations. Computers became the part of human life at very early stage of the life.

The Languages

Another revolution that made life simple was the development of C language. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell Labs. It was a powerful language. The language used pointers widely and was very fast and result oriented. It was developed to work on the UNIX system. Some common features such as been dynamic, multi-tasking, continuous working and strong are taken from UNIX. As of now C is the common language used in the operating systems such as LINUX, Windows, and UNIX.

Later in 1983 full-featured extension of C was introduced which was known as C++. It was developed to bring together the power of C with OOP (object oriented Programming). It can run on different types of computers. The language is used in simulations and games.

Today also the C++ is used in the latest operating systems because of its efficiency and stability. It is still the most preferred language by programmers for developing and writing programs.

With the evolution of languages, Operating Systems were developed. As there was a need to build programs and to write all instructions, again and again, can be a “waste of time.” The OS principles did all the input and output tasks such as writing data on and from memory, saving on disks, writing data screen and printers, etc.

Software programs have helped in simplifying the lives with their evolution over time. This has made possible to achieve new heights at regular intervals and make progress for the development of human life. Today, one can easily find software development companies in Lebanon and middle or anywhere for that matter that use latest programming languages to develop the most advanced program.

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