The Best External Hard Drives – What You Should Be Looking For When You Purchase One

External hard drives have become more popular in the recent past as most people get mobile in a bid to carry out their regular business ventures. The 1TB external hard drive is becoming increasingly important for people who are frequently on the move.


Considering you save just about EVERYTHING on your PC’s hard drive, it’s probably safe to say that this piece of hardware could easily be the most valuable component inside your computer. With today’s demand for more storage people are turning to external hard drives to save everything from their irreplaceable pictures to home movies, personal data and just about anything else you could possibly dream up. That leaves the question “What should I be looking for in an external hard drive?”

There are thousands of different external hard drives provided by different manufactures on the market today. Most reliable external hard drive are available in all different shapes, sizes, colors, speeds, capacities, reliability ratings, cooling techniques, wireless capabilities, buffer’s, weights, OMG!

And you just want to figure out what works best for you. The first things to take into consideration are size, speed and reliability.

Size is important because the more storage room that you have obviously the more you can store on the device. You can find various sizes ranging from a couple of MB to a few TB. MB or Megabyte being the smallest GB or Gigabyte is amongst the middle sizes even though they go upwards 800GB and TB or Trilobite. 1TB = 1000GB = 1,000,000MB.

Speed is the next most important factor. Especially on larger hard drives. RPM or Revolutions per minute is how fast the drive turns per minute. You’ve probably guessed it but just in case, the faster the drive reads the faster your data is displayed.

Reliability is probably the most important factor overall. Purchasing an off brand product at a very cheap price, from a company you never heard of? Well…you get what you pay for. These are typically products that failed quality standards for bigger companies. When a hard drive fails the data is sometimes un-recoverable. I would stick with a solid company like SanDisk or Crucial and buy from major retailers like Best Buy or PCMall or even Walmart. Something with a solid background and sales history you feel comfortable putting your money and trust towards. Especially if you intend on saving irreplaceable or valuable content.

Shapes, Sizes, Weight and Color are your preference, better cooling techniques help prevent the equipment from overheating and failing. If security is an issue you probably don’t want a wireless hard drive, if you are a gamer you might be interested in an Xbox 360 External Hard Drive. Once you decide on a product Google some reviews from both the store and the External Hard Drive that you choose. You may change your mind.

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