The First Apps You Will Want To Install on Your Mac

Apple’s macOS operating system has developed so much that all the bases are covered when you get the new Mac – email, calendar management and productivity tool. However, if you purchased Mac, that probably means you don’t want to enjoy only its basics. There is better and more powerful Mac software that can do anything you want, from GIF-making to photo editing, Google Calendar app for Mac to your window organization.

It might seem unnecessary to pay for your desired Mac application, but keep in mind the majority of them costs only a few dollars but they can enormously improve your workflow. All of that can easily be achieved without any privacy concerns or intrusive advertising.

If you are new to the Mac world or are looking for new ways to make your Mac more interesting and useful, you should check the apps we have chosen for you.

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#1 Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

You’ve probably already heard about all the fantastic options of Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s a photography suite which includes Photoshop, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. Photoshop is a professional-grade collection of software that will cover all the bases you need, from photo editing to image creation.

To make the most of this app, a Mac user will need to pay $9.99 a month, which makes this Adobe Creative Cloud one of the expensive apps, but it’s definitely worth it. There is no better software for both amateur and pro photographers.

#2 Bear Notes

If you like to have all your things written down, you’re probably already familiar with Bear Notes. It is a clean and useful note-taking app that was launched only a few years ago. Writers who are using their Mac to write down their thoughts or use it for their work immediately replaced Evernote with Bear Notes. This app has great features which will become a part of your daily routine, such as being able to pin notes, organize with hashtags and use Markdown syntax.

For those who are also iPhone lovers, Bear Notes also have an iOS app version which is very fast. If you need audio transcription and notes taking constantly, you will enjoy this mobile app. The pro version will cost you $20 for the entire year, but you won’t regret a dime. As you can use it on multiple devices, your Bear Notes will be well worth the cash.

#3 Alfred

Alfred is a shortcut creation app which lets you use quick keyboard commands to launch your apps, find your files and easily search the web. With Alfred, you can create your own extensions or use the ones developed by the Alfred community.

Until you get used to it, Alfred will be a bit complex for a new user. You will need to use it for a while to get familiar with a few key formulas. Once you learn how to use it properly, you will notice how much time you’re actually saving with an app like this. Eventually, Alfred will make the most of your productivity workflow.

#4 Moom

If you’re a Mac user for a while now, you’ve probably been frustrated many times by its lack of official window management. If this is also one of the biggest downsizes for you as a Mac user, you are probably looking into a bunch of third-party apps that help to resolve this type of issues. One of the most efficient ones when it comes to window management is Moom.

This app is also really easy to use. Once you install it, it will stay in the background, waiting for you to hover your mouse over the green button. Then, you will have several options. You can orient your window in horizontal or vertical split-screen mode. Moreover, you can create keyboard hotkeys, customize this app for your mouse usage and create custom window sizes and layouts to meet your specific needs.

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