With A High-End Technology, The Odoo Based Company Is Touching the Skies

Info Rise is one of the top most companies who provide services like consulting and business solutions that is based upon an Odoo framework for various companies. The main motive of Info Rise is to get solutions for their clients and to target the various issues that is required for delivering solutions that is in an affordable and manageable Odoo framework. The company was formed in 2009 and since then they have opened up branches in five different countries spread all across the globe. Since the very beginning only they have been providing a lot of services like HR system in Bahrain and many more.

The variety of services

The variety of services provided by Info Rise are as follows:

  • HRMS system: The HRMS software of Info Rise is one of the most used software. This has been used to implement in more than 65 customers spread all across the globe, especially in the GCC countries. The HRMS package is one of the top most packages that is used for making the HR process fully automated and even paperless.
  • ERP system: If anyone is looking for a high-profile ERP software then they better not look beyond Info Rise. That is because Info Rise has been delivering the best of ERP software to many of the companies of GCC nations. One can buy the best of ERP system from Info Rise and take the best value of the money.
  • Accounting software: Complete and elegant, the accounting software of Info rise is for all companies no matter the size. It can record the transaction in just a few clicks and also easily manages most of the financial tasks that takes place within the company.

And many more to name just a few.

Some features of the company

Info Rise is a company that is a ready partner with Odoo, acting as their representative in Bahrain and many other places in order to provide a complete Odoo portfolio service. The company has highly trained and skilled ERP professionals who run the Erp system in Bahrain, in order to implement diverse cost effective ERP solutions of the business. It is to be noted here that the company’s services is not limited to business analysis and consulting and implementing the modules of Odoo. Info rise is a company that also specializes on technical and financial works that is required to full fill the technical and financial proposal.

About the DMS

The Document Management Software (DMS) is known as a computer system that is required to store and track electronic documents. It is also capable in keeping the tracks of different versions of modified users, that is also called history tracking. The term has also been overlapped with the concept of the management system of contents. On the other hand, the Human resource management is the process of management of a firm’s human resources. It is needed for employing and deploying and even attracting the right kind of candidates who are fit to work at Info rise solutions.

The final word

It is to be noted here that the cost at which Info Rise sell their products and services to their client is not very high. The main aim of the company is to make sure that their clients are highly satisfied and it is only after that they think about getting a share of the profit. Their services like providing business solutions are world class and that is the reason why they have a lot of demand in the market. This is one thing in which they have never compromised. Info Rise has also been aiming to assist all companies irrespective of its size and that is why the cost of their services is highly reasonable.

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