The Samsung Gear S2 Is Swanky And Also Performance Oriented


The Korean electronics giant Samsung has led the way in innovation for quite some time now and continue to rule the roost over all competitors. The announcement and the launch of it’s latest wearable is yet another step that takes wireless communication to a higher level. With a Samsung, you can be both savvy as well as use the best technology.

The stylish looks

The all new Gear S2 was launched in October 2015 and immediately caught on the fancy of consumers with it’s sleek looks and sturdy built. Moreover the series comes in a variety of options that will help the consumer choose the individual style preferred.

  • The different versions are the standard, classic and the 3G. It is the outer look that will lay a greater role in the mind of the buyer as on the inside all three have identical build expect that the 3G model has an e-SIM for making calls, GPS facilities and a 300 mAh battery.
  • The sleek gear is smaller in size than it’s predecessors to give the premium feel and also has a metal body with a leather strap that is changeable for the right combination with your attire.
  • The polished unisex looks of the watch with an 11.4 mm thickness is just right for both men as well as women.
  • The wearable comes with two buttons on the side surface for navigating back and for going back to the home screen.

The strong platform

The rotating bezel is the latest innovative touch that Samsung has added to make the watch into a real Samsung smartwatch. Samsung has been able to transform the bezel into the most advanced way that you can think of communicating through your watch.

  • The ridged rotating bezel of the classic model provides an intuitive way of communication as it can be used to navigate fast.
  • The phone has a Gorilla Glass 3 panel cover with Super AMOLED display screen that is about an inch.
  • The Tizen-based platform provides the efficient user-interphase enabling you to switch between apps, skip back to the notifications or even adjust the volume and the brightness smoothly.

The fastest smartwatch

The processor configuration of Qualcomm and a dual core that is supported by a 4 GB RAM makes operations fast for this fashionable Gear S2. It is faster than any of it’s competitors in the same series and has an impressive pixel density for the perfect viewing of the notifications. Keep rotating the bezel and you have all your apps and notifications in a buzz.


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