The Six BEST JBL Earphones To Consider Buying

Most of us use our earphones to watch content and listen to songs because it gives us greater impact and satisfaction when proper sound effects are heard. Earphone preferences vary greatly depending on the person. But most people prefer a great bass on their earphones cause it makes the songs more impactful.

We take a look at the 6 best JBL earphones in the market right now and in general, get an idea of what makes a great earphone.

One can avail great offers on JBL earphones by making use of the ebay coupons.

Below are the six best JBL earphones in no particular order:

  1. JBL E25BT wireless in-ear earphones

JBL E25BT wireless


JBL E25BT wireless in-ear earphones come with up to 8 hours of battery life that makes for very convenient long hours of media play at a stretch.

The earbuds come in multiple sizes so you can adjust to your comfort accordingly.

 It also comes with a neck clip so your earphone does not keep detaching and get tangled onto other things when you bend down or move around a lot.

 It features the JBL signature sound meaning the classic sound that is distinctive of the JBL brand and comes with a three button universal remote with microphone meaning you can control your calls and music with the help of these buttons.

It also has Bluetooth wireless feature which enables your earpiece to operate freely from your phone without the help of a wire.

Priced at Rs 3,499 ,you can shop for this piece at by using the ebay vouchers to get a better deal on the product. The JBL E25BT comes in the colors blue, black, red, green and white. You also get a carry pouch along with this piece, charging cable and warranty card.

2. Everest 110 wireless earbuds (Gunmetal)

Everest 110 wireless earbuds


JBL Everest 110 wireless earbuds in gunmetal also comes with eight hours of battery life.

 It features built-in echo cancelling microphone to give the listener top quality audio. It has the Bluetooth 4.1 feature allowing your earphone and phone to operate independently without the need of a wire connecting them.

JBL Everest 110  wireless earbuds have Legendary JBL Pro Audio sound  meaning these earphones are best  suited for acoustic performances. This device is optimised for Google Assistant meaning it can interpret voice commands.

This piece retails at Rs 9,095 but you can always get it for cheaper at the ebay store using the ebay coupons. This earpiece set comes with charging cable, eartip – both small small and large and a one year warranty.They come in blue, black and white colors.

3.JBL Focal Spark wireless headphones

JBL Focal Spark wireless


JBL Spark wireless headphones are designed by Focal and its their first headphones to have the Bluetooth feature. Spark series is targeted toward the youger audiences as it introduces them to dematerialized music; meaning music experience with a more authentic sound that does not have accelerated bass.

 It has a lightweight aluminium body and the cable is built so it does not tangle up for your convenience. It has the 3 button remote control with microphone feature so you can manage your music and calls efficiently and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity so you can go wireless and be more hassle –free.

This series of JBL earphones by Focal are priced between Rs 5000 – Rs 10,000 and you can get amazing deals on this by using your ebay vouchers on the ebay store online. This earpiece comes in three colors- silver, black and rose gold.

4. JBL C100SI in ear headphone with mic

JBL C100SI in ear headphone


JBLC100SI in ear headphones with mic is one of the low cost offerings from JBL.

The in-line microphone with universal remote control feature facilitates you to manage calls on your phone more efficiently.

This model is equipped with the JBL Legendary sound and has Power Drivers which accelerates the sound of the earpiece to have a great bass . It is lightweight , has noise cancelling microphone and is compatible with Android and ios.

It comes with a 1 year replacement warranty and is priced at Rs 1200. You can avail further discounts on this product by using the ebay vouchers on the ebay website.

  1. JBL T290 pure bass all metal in ear headphones with mic

JBL T290 pure bass


JBL T290 Pure Bass all metal in-ear headpiece is lightweight and is known for its aluminium design.

 It comes with multiple sized ear tips so you can adjust accordingly and has the signature JBL Pure Bass sound which is specialized for a great bass effect. Bass loving people are recommended this earpiece.

 It is tangle free and has the one button remote with microphone feature which means you control your music and calls with the same button. The three button is an upgrade from the one button remote.

You can shop for this piece at and avail additional discounts by using the ebay vouchers. It is priced at Rs 2400 and has a warranty of 1 year. 

  1. JBL Inspire 300

JBL Inspire 300


JBL Inspire 300 is sweatproof and waterpoof and is equipped with twistlock technology which enables your eapiece to stay intact when doing physical activities.

It is made with ultra-soft silicone for long lasting comfort. It is designed to let minimal voice enter the earphone to make the user aware of their surroundings.

The 3 points mentioned above makes this piece great for physical activities like hiking, running, gymming and outdoor activities. This device is compatible with most smartphones and has 1 click button for phone calls and music feature.

Shop for this piece on using your ebay vouchers for an incredible price cause the original MRP of Rs 999 is already a win for this earpiece from JB.

So get your hands on these very amazing variants of JBL and enjoy the best quality music.

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