Things to Consider Before Choosing a Suitable Programming Language

When planning a software development, one has various opportunities to choose the best suitable framework from different programming languages. The more the choices, the more the confusion would be, but there are several factors which guide your preference like is it professional or personal, the knowledge about languages etc. However, our aim should be to create a problem solver application, which offers every requirement, we desire.

In this article we will describe about various things which need to be considered well before opting for a particular programming language to create an interactive website or application.

  • Targeted platform

Certainly, this is the biggest factor to be considered for opting for programming language. Choose for that language which suits your working domain. Basically, programming languages are made in the context to suit specific computer architecture. For instance let us take C or, both these languages are very popular to run on Windows® and Linux® machines only, though with the help of mono, they can be used on other platforms as well. But, there are few languages which run on cross-platforms like Java and php. So the base line is, choose accordingly that language which suits your platform and your desired website.

  • Expendability

The expendability of the language is the ease to add new features to the existing program. Basically, at the time with innovation, one need to add several sets of functions or use the existing set of libraries to add new feature. Future scopes of the language are very important to consider before implementing it. Also, the amount of traffic it can hold without a crash is a valid consideration. The scale of the language should be high to support the large amount of users at the same time. It specifically varies from one language to other language, so to create an interactive or social website, this is much needed quality.

  • Time tenure

Time tenure of the project is the total time taken to run the program on air. This highly depends on the length of the code and easiness of it. The easier the language would be the less the code written and hence it would take less time. Also, buying more time would cost more to the developer. So, it is advised to consider that language which requires less set of code to run the application. One could consider php, as an application could be developed in days using this language, compare to other.

  • Availability and support

Availability of the languages depends upon its source. Consider languages which are open source like java; it can be avail from numbers of the 3 party vendors who also offers the latest tools and features. Other platforms like C#, Php also easily available. For getting, one could get it directly from Microsoft, so availability factor is must. Also, one couldn’t deny the role of support community behind the language. Often, the developers are just a beginner or not an expert, at that time good support staff lead to many solutions and train developer about using tools which can speed up the process.

The above article outlined some important factors which need to consider before opting any programming language. Different website Development Company in India, works on various languages as per the requirement. Anyone who is looking to outsource their project could do it with any company based in India, as they are expert in this field.

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