This guy bought at $12 only

This guy purchased only in 12 $
Yes, you have read it right. Sanmay Ved a googler and also have a vast experiance in many sectors like digital marketting and according to his Linkedin profile “Over 10 years of entrepreneurial and eCommerce experience”.

Who is Sanmay Ved ?

Sanmay Ved

according to his linkedin Profile:
“Over 10 years of entrepreneurial and eCommerce experience, 7 years of digital marketing experience, and 5 1/2 years of corporate experience at Google (across product, sales, and operations).

Google: Ownership of the entire Display & YouTube advertising targets for large clients in Australia and New Zealand (xxM USD annually). Delivered a record 115.6% target across all business verticals. Consistently exceeded targets even when doubled quarter over quarter.

Amazon: Successfully designed and executed a test-and-learn digital marketing plan to meet objectives around RoAS (increased it x.xx times), app downloads, and cost-per-install.

As an entrepreneur, founded a video game business in high school which was India’s first ever online store for the retail of video game software. Scaled the business to book an annual turnover xM USD.

Founded India’s first and to date only online Philips Lighting Store in the year 2013 at (now

Conceptualized and launched the digital business strategy of the Ved Group. The Ved Group is one of India’s top Philips Professional & Retail Lighting companies, and is an authorized business partner for Philips Professional Lighting, Philips Home Decorative Lighting, Philips B.V. Netherlands, Dr. Fischer Germany, BJB Germany, Atlas Specialty Lighting USA, Optoga Sweden, Lackwerke Peters Germany, LSP Quartz Netherlands, Stumpe Glas Germany, Meyer UV-Technik Germany, Schneider Electric, and Gloster Cables.”

In a linkedin post he have written as wel as given proofs of owning Sanmay written in his linkeding post how he owned that too not in millions in just $12.

NOTE: later google sent a mail of canceling the ownership of Domain

Here is the proof:

Message he got from Google:

This guy bought at $12 only


you can check more on his post

He said ” He was learning more about the Google Domains interface, and typed and clicked search domains. To his surprise, was showing as available! ”

After that he added in cart and and its added even (which should not add if the domain is not available for sale).

after purchase of domain he also got 2 mails from and from, which is not commen.

he said ” I will not share the contents of the emails here given they relate to the domain. The domain also successfully appeared in my Google Domains order history.”

Although sanmay’s ownership was of, very short-lived, he said as he received a notice in a short time later that is order is cancelled. wanted to secure and owns that domain, otherwise it might have been a headache for google company.
Google declined to comment on this story also, so reason to ved’s purchase is unknown till now.

Ved previously held positions at Google as a display specialist and account strategist, according to his LinkedIn profile, which also says he worked in online media sales.

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