Is It Time to Protect you Company from Cyber Attacks?

As businesses move with the times, ensuring you’re online is of the utmost importance. In recent years businesses have done this with ease, and with the advancements in things such as cloud services, everything is beginning to sit online.

However, as businesses move more of their information online, they’re becoming more and more at risk of cyber attacks.

Although cyber attacks are on the rise there are ways to combat it before it affects you. Multiple companies, such as Nettitude provide cyber security services to help businesses safeguard themselves.

The Rise of Cyber Attacks

Although we’re sitting in an advanced age of the Internet, cyber attacks continue to be huge, and dangerous. One report even found that the number of online records exposed in the first half of 2017 was higher than 2016.

This saw over 4 billion records leaked in 2016, this was already more than the previous two years.

Although server hacks are stilla worry for many businesses, these can be combated through the use of security systems, implemented by businesses across the globe to.

But in an increasing world of online, the risk of cyber attacks is of the utmost importance to businesses. In fact, if businesses aren’t trying to combat the issue before it hits, they may already be in trouble.

The Degree of Cyber Attacks

As noted, the number of record leaks has been increasing immensely in cyber attacks in recent years. This shows it’s not just the amount of attacks, but the severity of them.

As mentioned, this is partly down to the number of services that now sit online, and with this comes sophistication within the cyber criminal world.

Because of this, the importance of tightening security should be at the forefront of businesses minds’. As we’ve seen, moving online can save businesses time and money, but what use is that if your company crumbles at the first sign of attack.

Countering Cyber Attacks

There are countless laws and agencies in place to help combat cyber attacks. However, they still happen, so ultimately it’s down to the business to ensure they have their own interests at the forefront of their mind.

Allocating funds to ensure your company is safe at all times couldn’t be more important.

The second massive cyber attack, a variant of the ransomware Petya re-emerged using the same Eternal Blue exploit and hit organizations worldwide, especially Ukraine. It is found to exploit MS Office and SMBv1 vulnerabilities and has worm capabilities, which allows it to spread quickly across infected networks.

By introducing cyber security businesses, who bring with them years of knowledge and expertise is the first step to ensuring there’s safety in place. However, ensuring this is constantly monitored and renewed is something that should be one of the key priorities of the business.

Checking out companies such as Nettitude to see not only how they could save your company from cyber attacks, but also server attacks, is the first step to ensuring your company is safe in the digital age.

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