Tips for Employers on How to Bullyproof Their Workplace

Bullying was bad enough in school, with everybody going through puberty and self esteem issues, but the problem is, due to their refusal to grow up, some people tend to bully their co-workers in the workplace as well. Such employees bully their co-workers not because it is fun to see other person tremble before them but they do it mostly out of spite and to ascertain their dominance in the eyes on everyone working there. While most of them bully others outright and in front of everybody, there are others who do it discreetly, without exposing themselves and yet putting their target in torturous amounts of mental anguish. Most businesses do take care of bullying that is done outright on the office premises, but there is nothing they can do about cyber-bullying.

Such occurrences makes the employee being bullied scared of coming to work and even if they do, their productivity is greatly reduced. Therefore, here are a few tips for business owners to make their workplace a safe and bully-free environment.

  • Install Spy Applications on Company Hardware

Today, technology plays a key role when it comes to bullying other people. Behind its veils, even the most timid people turn on their most successful co-workers to reduce their productivity. They may be a fellow co-worker or a manager that refuses to let anybody else working for them shine. In an environment like this where the authority figures turn on the people they are supposed to look after, there is no way to prevent bullying other than by investing in spy applications. With their help you can look into the various online activities of your employee and find out the ones who are actively adding fuel to workplace bullying by bullying co-workers through various anonymous blogs and fake Facebook and Twitter profiles. Additionally, spy application also allow you to keep an eye on the text messages and emails being sent and received by your employee to make sure who is the one being bullied and who the bully is.

  • Create an Anti-Bullying Policy

It doesn’t matter if you have physical proof of bullying talking place at your workplace, it would be in the best interest of both your employees and your business if you create an Anti-Bullying Policy. This way, the bullies would know what they penalties would be, both in the workplace and according to the federal law, if they bully their co-worker in person or online and give the one being bullied the much needed peace of mind. Additionally if the one being bullied knows that they will no longer have to go through such a torture, they would most likely be happy to do come to work and their work productivity will increase substantially. Such activities will not only make your workplace a safer, friendlier and healthier one but all such efforts will also indirectly help your business by increasing its monthly revenue.

  • Take Solid Measures

Bullies are usually pretty nefarious and hardcore. Even when most businesses inform their employees time and again how their workplace is an anti-bullying zone and how nobody, no matter what their position in the workspace maybe, will be subjected to the same fate as any other office  employee would if they are caught bullying someone, they will still bully their victims, persistently. Additionally they will also force the ones being bullied to stay silent with the threat that it may all get a whole lot worse if they talk.

Therefore, for such employees business owners need to come up with such portals through which the employees being bullied feel safe enough to get in touch with them. Since bullies usually prey or more than one victim, it will be in the best interests of any business to make a spectacle out of the bullies, about whom bullying evidence has surface. Plus, such an activity may effectively be a brilliant medium to let the other bullies know that you mean business.

The Bottom Line

Even though most of spend little time in the workplace, yet like any machine, each one of us make up an important part of that machine which makes a business run smoothly. Things like bullying can tarnish that relationship bonds we need in a workplace to make sure that it operates smoothly. Thus, as we have already mentioned, it is in the best interest of everybody – from employee to employer to keep bullying out of your workplace as much as possible.


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