Must Check: The 5 Proven Tips for Students to Make Studying More Easy

We as a species never cease to learn and acquire knowledge. Every day we learn something or the other through our daily endeavors. Studying to gain knowledge is not an overnight process as it takes a while as the foundation of information has to be built from the ground up. Hence it is statutory that whatever topic we study, we do it right let it be the Pythagoras Theorem or periodic elements. Let us look at a few approaches I would recommend you to go through to help you make studying easier and more effective.


Find your learning style

Every person is unique, setup with a different body, different lifestyle and with different outlines of thought. There is no specific technique that works for everyone. Thus it is imperative to figure out what conditions and techniques help you to take in information the best. There are basically 4 cues which help people to learn by various methods.

  • Visual cues: As the name suggests, these are the people who prefer visual content to help them understand the topic better. Videos and illustrations like flow charts and graphs are more effective for this group of people when compared to reading a topic on paper.
  • Audio cues: This technique is for the people who have a better affection to listening to something over reading it. Listening to the audio version of the textbook, taping lectures and reading topics out loud will help these kinds of learners.
  • Kinesthetic learning: Also known as tactile learning is a learning style in which students gain knowledge through their physical actions as in they perform actions first hand and not just sitting around listening to instructions, lectures or demonstrations. Kinesthetic learning is for you if you prefer doing physical activities over just reading and listening to instructions.
  • Reading or writing: The most conventional of the learning techniques. You will be able to understand a topic if you read it, if not in the initial read through, by the next one. Once you understand the meaning, if you are able to paraphrase it easily, this is the technique for you.

Finding the right technique is imperative but just in case try out every technique for yourself and pick the best one or mix it up now and then when you feel that one is not working for you.


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Environment to study

Find a quiet place to study. Setup a peaceful table and chair for yourself with a table lamp if required. This works for most people, helping to keep away from distractions and helping you to concentrate. But some people actually prefer studying with people around which is an understandable personal preference but make sure that it doesn’t distract you from the task at hand.
Also, pay heed to the time you study, it can be early in the morning or late at night. Some people prefer getting up early in the morning with a clear mind to study a topic fresh. Whereas for some people, they prefer and are able to stay up later in the night and study which is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Taking some time off the books is just as important as the time you spend to study. Study in sets; let it be a set of 20 minutes with a break of 5 minutes or a set of 50-60 minutes of studying with a break of 15 minutes. Get into that rhythm of studying in sets which can help improve your long term effectiveness while studying. Sleep is also important, the body has a saturation limit after which it requires to reset and reboot through sleep. The right amount of sleep suggested is 7 hours for any average human being, so make sure you get that required amount of sleep for yourself.

Study group

Find people with the same studying style as yours. Collaborate with them, sharing ideas and clearing doubts without disrupting your study cycle.

Test yourself

As much as you study, the best way to evaluate how much you’ve learnt is to test yourself. Find an online test on the topic or try and solve a previous years question paper, even if you cannot complete it, it’s alright as you get an idea of the structure of an exam which will definitely help you in days to come.

Studying is easy if you know what works for you. Finding the right technique, with the right kind of people, in the right environment, taking ample amount of rest will help you maximize your effectiveness while studying, let it be preparing for your CBSE board exams or just to gain some knowledge, know yourself to know more about the world. For help in certain topics with audio visual explanations check out this YouTube channel-

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