Tips on Doing Site Audit to Maximize Local SEO Results

Local search results change at lightening fast speed and so the SEO expert is supposed to be on toes all the 24 hours. A website needs a lot of changes to kill the competition when the goal is to be at the top of the list of local business dealers. So, it is advisable to conduct site on a regular basis and make it as spam-free as possible.

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Tips on doing site audit

A site audit is required to ensure that the website has all the features that both the searchers and Google admire. Thus, here is what you must note while auditing the site:

  • The place of customer reviews: Genuine customer reviews are likely to bring you more stars; so, it would be great if the customer reviews are placed in hReview tag.  So, during audit check if the customer reviews are placed correctly on the website.
  • Responsive website designs: A website will score more on utility, and subsequently on local SEO ranking, if it runs on other devices too, apart from desktops and laptops. So, suggest making responsive design if the website fails on this parameter.
  • All the contents used for attracting crawler have no spammy content. Ensure that the contact details are updated and running.
  • No keyword stuffing: If you are concentrating too much on keywords, then it is likely to destroy the readability. With improved algorithm, even Google will label it as spammer and will push you down in ranking
  • Readable landing pages: Search engines should be able to read the landing pages easily. A website built on Flash is not a surefire guarantee to better ranking as it does not have crawlable content. Suggest not putting important text in images if you want to increase it visibility.
  • Footer address: Local search is all about finding the businesses which consumers can reach instantly. So, pay extra attention to address and try putting it in the footer of all pages. A site is likely to generate more business queries with this simple trick.

These are few of the tips that local SEO agency Sydney website auditors normally follow while digging the facts at a shallow level.

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