How to Identify If You Are Running Weak Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a utile tool that almost every organisation, whether small, medium or large enterprise, uses to connect with its potential customers, clients, and to increase the traffic on the website and generate leads.According to a study, ‘around 2.307 billion people actively use at least one social media platform’, every month, around the world.


It offer a great fortuity to businesses to promote, connect and grow. Large enterprises deploy social media strategies and employ a dedicated team of social media strategists and professionals to manage their socialhandles.

If you also run social media campaigns to promote your business and products, however, you do not see the desired results, then there could be something wrong with your strategies and practices. In the following, I underline a few points that will help you find out booboos in your social media practices –


Too Many Accounts & Profiles

In past few years, social media platforms in large numbers have surfaced. Some of these are websites, while many others are app-based platforms. But, this does not imply that you should get a profile on each of these websites and applications.

For effective social media campaigning, it would be advisable to work on popular platforms only. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. are some of the most used and widely popular social networks.

Moreover, it would be imperative to realise which of these platforms would be suitable for your organisation and customers, before brainstorming your social media strategies.

Further, it would also be advisable to not to create more than one handle/profile on a social site with your business name.However, if you operate in different language regions/countries, you can create different profiles, dedicated to the audience of each region or country.

Responsibilities of the Social Media Professionals

You should call a session with your social media strategists, and decide what activities need to be performed on your handles/profiles. Establish the number of posts, links, updates, and contests to be organised on a monthly basis. Make sure, the updates are being circulated as per the strategically settled time slot, and your executives are performing the daily tasks assigned to them.

Track profile performance using the analytics tools

The analytics application can give you an insight how well your posts and profiles are performing. You can see which posts are connecting well and being shared by your followers. You can also observe, in which time slot your posts are breaking their previous records, and which age group, region, and gender your users belong to.

For effective results, the significance of research-based social media strategies is undeniable. You should, thereby, hire the best talent to work on your social networks.

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