5 Tools to Run Your Business from Anywhere in the World

Whether you are just travelling for a few weeks or in a permanent location halfway across the world, running a business with only the internet at your disposal is a very difficult prospect. You have to communicate with team members on different schedules and in different time zones, it is hard to get a visual on what it going on with the business, and in some circumstances attracting new talent can be difficult. While there has been an increase in remote work job postings, there are challenges that must be met. You need every advantage in running your business, and fortunately, innovators have come up with the means and tools for you to keep up communication and productivity.


Here are a few tools and websites that you will find essential to running your business from anywhere around the world:


If you aren’t aware of the service already, a Virtual Private Network is a service that will connect your computer or smartphone to an offsite secure server using an encrypted connection. The service has a great number of benefits for users, including protection on public networks (essential when travelling), getting past regional restrictions so you can access all of your essential services and avoiding government surveillance and censorship. Other business owners have found additional uses for the service, but the above benefits alone make it an essential security and privacy tool.

ExpressVPN is especially picked out due to its all-around great features and infrastructure, allowing you to tackle any situation. It also gets this particular recommendation because the best customer service in the business allows you to get right back on track if there is a problem. If you want some alternate viewpoints on the service, check out some of the following professional reviews:






If your business has a lot of ongoing tasks or projects, then Trello is the perfect tool for you. It allows you to create cards on a company board that you can organize into columns. For the most part, you can add whatever you need to each card so that you can let yourself or your employees know what needs attention. Comments and board privileges allow the team to communicate, and you can archive cards away that cluttering up the space, allowing everyone to stay focused on what really needs taking care of.

After experimenting and tinkering with your particular organizational system on it for a while, you won’t be able to imagine life away from an office without it. Tips for starting out include setting up a board for each individual team and having a general board where people can share any ideas for the company that they have.


Think of Slack as the perfect chatroom for your business. It is a website (which also has a mobile app available to use) that businesses can use to set up a series of “channels” which act very much like chatrooms with advanced features such as file sharing, tagging, and a number of emotes. Direct messaging is also available so as to keep the main channels from getting overloaded with small conversations.

If you have a business that is entirely online or largely consists of remote workers, then you owe it to your team to integrate Slack into your business so that a community can form and you can have a more cohesive and happier workplace. Creating special chatrooms just for certain groups of managers or teams is also recommended and helps people on each level identify with each other.


If you run a business you already know about Skype, but have you been using it to its fullest potential? Some business owners choose to use the “share screen” feature on the video calling service to provide training to remote employees, show others important documents and statistics, and provide examples when they are needed. Others will conduct entire meetings over Skype, allowing all remote employees to share their views with the rest of the team. Look through the different settings and options yourself to see if you can better utilize what you have.

Skype is still free and better than nearly all of the competitors that have come and gone over the years. It should be a must-have for every employee in your organization along with a microphone and webcam (which your business should provide if it has to).


Evernote isn’t a tool to help the direct running of your business so much as it is a tool to help you become a better manager and hold on to your ideas. It is an app that you can find for any smartphone OS that works as the best notepad you will ever have. You can easily sort through and make amendments to your notes, create lists and even use audio files and pictures as notes. This means that you can get down every idea you have and would otherwise forget while you are on the go.

While there are premium options available to you, they aren’t too expensive and will only really give you more space to collect your notes. No matter how often you might use it, it is something you should download just in case you have a great idea.


Globalization is becoming increasingly ingrained in the business world, and we can soon expect to be able to completely disregard long distances when it comes to business goals and solutions. We can’t fall behind, but it is important to look ahead with eager anticipation instead of anxiousness. You are fantastic and you will take every opportunity to adapt and grow.

Do you have any tools that you like to use whenever you’re away from the business? Anything that helps you and your team communicate? We’d love to hear about them, so please leave a comment below.

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    Deep Web July 9, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    I have a question. can I use this 5 VPN with same price on computer, ipad and smartphone at the same time? With VPN Torguard must i more pay for 2nd and 3rd device. thanks in advance.

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    Sonia Chauhan July 24, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    VPN is probably the most reliable and secure method of surfing the web anonymously and protecting your identity. The advantage of VPN is that it encrypts your internet traffic, making it impossible for anyone to steal your data.

    ONe of the most popular VPN service is hotspot shield. It provides unlimited bandwidth and malware protection.

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    Roxy Chan January 3, 2017 at 5:53 am

    I would definitely agree with you, Isa. A Global business needs some quality tools to run the workflow in a much smoother way and rather manually doing it automatization is the key to achieving higher performance.

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