Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers of 2016

Plenty of impressive electronic gadgets have been invented in recent few years. The Bluetooth speaker is the proof of some revolutionary changes occurred in electronic market. Today’s users need wireless speakers for better sound quality and better ease of use. Many new speakers were launched in 2015. Now the electronic companies are ready to present you more improved Bluetooth Speaker designs of 2016. So let’s check the top 10 Bluetooth speakers of 2016 so that you can find the best one for your purchase.

UE BOOM 2 (Logitech):
It is a water resistant Bluetooth Speaker that provides 360 degree audio output. UE BOOM 2 has got top rating by many electronics experts because of its impressive looks, availability in many attractive colors, charming shape and ability to provide high-quality sound output. You can make it yours in just $200.

Chosen by many buyers for its outstanding bass and trouble tones, Fugoo Style is an excellent choice to play music. It is the best to play music via Smartphones because it offers long battery life and it is easy to carry anywhere you go. It is waterproof and offers excellent voice control features. You can buy it for only $199.

B & O Play Beolit 15:
The Bang & Olufsen is quite famous for producing the most elegant speaker designs. It is now offering B&O Play Beolit 15 that is a 240W Bluetooth speaker with both Bluetooth and wired connectivity. Company has launched this speaker with leather touch to enhance its charm. You can buy it in $599 and enjoy quality music anywhere you go.

JBL Flip 3:
Another impressive Bluetooth speaker with quality bass output, JBL Flip 3 is a splash-proof speaker. It is a 6.7×2.5 inches speaker that weighs on 1 pound weight. It has excellent water-resistant quality, but it doesn’t offer audio control buttons. Get it in just $100 and enjoy quality sound with your Smartphone.

Beats Pill+:
Offering incredible sound quality with modest speaker design, Beats Pill+ is certainly a good choice to play music on Smartphone. Apple always offers something unique and very useful to the users. It costs $230, but you get a speaker with long-lasting battery life and apps to control sound quality in the speakers.

UE Roll:
Got the fame of being an excellent waterproof speaker, it is also the best Bluetooth speaker to have quality treble output in the songs. This speaker is also a great choice to have loud output. It means, you don’t need woofers if you want to play loud music in your room. Its price is $100 and it is an excellent choice as an affordable Bluetooth speaker.

Bose SoundLink Mini II:
Bose is a renowned name in the world of music. It has produced many impressive music instruments and speakers. Now it is offering you a stylish Bluetooth speaker, which is a successor to a famous product. You can get many color choices in it and you can buy it for only $199.

Marshall Kilburn:
Looks like an retro-style speaker, Marshall Kilburn has got fame for its feature-rich playback capacity and high-quality audio output. You get it with normal audio control menu, but the audio output will make you crazy about it. Make it yours for $300 and feel proud for having a top-quality portable speaker.

Amazon Echo:
Providing Smartphone users an excellent audio control manual, Amazon Echo is also called a smart Bluetooth speaker. Battery life may be an issue with it, but its audio features hide all the demerits of this excellent speaker.

Braven BRV-1:
Do you need a speaker that is waterproof, rugged and also affordable? If yes, Braven BRV-1 is the best choice. It has 12 hours battery life and excellent sound quality that every user wants to listen quality music.
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