Top 10 Internet Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Sales in 2017

There are different ways a brand can use digital marketing to benefit their marketing efforts, reaching out to customer and improve the sales. The use of digital marketing in the age of Digital world has improved significantly with unexpected results on the business. The use of digital marketing in the era of digital technology help brands to market their services and products and provide customers around the clock services through blog to make customer feel valuable and supported. Following are Top 10 internet Marketing Strategies which could help to boost the business and sales.


  1. A superior product (or service):

A Good quality of product or service is always mightier than any marketing campaign to make sure that it will provide a profitable result and develop a sustainable market for your business. A superior and unique product with best service provides the best business in internet marketing campaigns.

  1. Effective Use of Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO will help your site to bring up in a list of Search Engine Result Pages i.e. SERPs. Along with a proper search engine optimization technique, the site will be linked with the important keywords which are used to find the products or services provided by the site. Linking or joining the websites pages by utilizing the keyword phrases is one of the important strategy in Search engine optimization.

  1. A Newsletter:

Emailing or sending an email newsletter is an effective way to be in touch with customers on day to day basis. Newsletter is not a new concept so to make it more affective a different market strategy needs to be adopted with different users list. This strategy should be designed based on the needs or every single individual and the marketing strategy should be built incorporating a customized way to channelize email marketing campaigns.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy:

The Successful Digital marketing strategists know the market in which they are working and they under stands the customers, their need, the goals and the psychology of the customer.Effective use of CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization will result in better output. It is a process of generating more results from website by being more influential, more trustworthy, more persuasive and easier to navigate through website to achieve or complete the action without any hurdles.



  1. Free Content, Tools and Resources:

To attract more users on the website, providing free resource, content and tools can be a good strategy to improve the sales, demands and leads. The more offers the websites gives, the more interactive the website is then the more likely that the user will get satisfied and will return with more customers for the website. A discussion forum, content addition, sharing of documents, files, images and videos or any helpful information sharing will always be good for the business in Digital Marketing.

  1. Public Relations (PR):

Public relation also plays a very important role in Internet marketing strategy. To boost the business a good Public Relation or PR agency can be hired. Their roles will include to get the publicity of the website by getting it into news, press release, articles, social media and other platforms in the target market. This will increase the publicity, credibility, visibility and confidence in the consumer which in results improve the sales.

  1. Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising:

Pay per click or PPC is one the way of advertising which is considered as one of the most beneficial and influential strategy in internet marketing. This will ensure the targeted advertising. PPC helps business to send more targeted offers, ads and messages to the visitors at the right time like when the visitor is searching for a similar product is the right time. But PPC includes promotional costs and the business must pay per click.

  1. Media Marketing, Web intelligence, Social Networking and Social Marketing:

Media Marketing, Web intelligence, Social Networking and Social Marketing on internet is an unusual way of approach to get before group of prospects or individuals who are talking about the subject linked with the product or services. It is one of the most intense approach on internet and ensure lead generations. Now due to different social media websites like hike, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp it is much easier and result oriented.

  1. Web Analytics:

Web Analytics can be used to measure the effectiveness of the internet marketing campaigns for the products or services. This can be easily analyzed with the help of google add analytics. Analytics tools also help to enhance and improve the execution of internet marketing strategy by advancing the navigation funnel.

  1. Referral Marketing:

Utilizing Affiliate & Associate programs by using Referral Marketing, individuals who believe in the product or services can be linked or joined together and with the help of commission shared with the customers to refer any other customer a larger network or chain of customers is built. Many tools and techniques related to them can easily be coordinate into the business that will help to proactively produce referrals.

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