Top 3 Social Media Strategies For Early 2017

Social media is an essential part of the world of digital marketing today. Almost all of the enemies and not as important brands are actively on the popular social sites. But do they use their time on these marketing platforms less formal, but extremely powerful in the most optimal way?

Effectively use social networks for your brand’s science as well as art. We need a deeper understanding of the correctness of these platforms. They should also have the ability to read the minds of people about their activities based on social media websites. You need the flexibility to quickly adapt your strategies to follow the current trends and use them to your advantage.

The phenomenal growth of social media is a relatively new phenomenon. There are a few years it was mostly an informal social platform. No one has had too much importance on things like the number of “singles” or “followers” you had on social sites. Have a great follow up was more of a fun question. Often these enormous successes have only been credited to film stars, sports stars and other celebrities. Today is a great suite is a measure of your value and your credibility in the market.

Many brands However, despite this incredible change, which are in the best position to make the power of social media usable for marketing, always invest in the old school advertising and marketing methods such as print or television. Not the smartest way to do this!

Having worked successfully in this area for almost 10 years and helped make many big and small brands make their mark in the digital world, we are in the ideal position at Neyox interesting trends in social media offer future and the top 10 social Media strategies in 2017 will get the best for your startup company.

1. The investment in the quality of the content, more than promotions

We have always said that the content of the king. Of course, but only partially. The fact is that the content of “quality” is the king. Creating truly high quality content is the best social media policy. If you want to get more sympathy, followers and subscribers, you need to create a great content that people enjoy and relate.

Often, many brands make the big mistake of spending a fraction of their money on quality content as an incredible video. They carry the bulk of their funds for advertising on social platforms. Well, we must tell you that it does not really work like that!

It is time to change important mentality. Invest 90% of your money to create an excellent video and 10% on advertising measures. The fact is that if your content is really awesome, and immediately click with the viewers, it promouvera anyway.

Even smaller businesses that understand this equation, social media can use a rigorous compete with their larger counterparts.

2. Advertising banners will argue with Face book

Face book is growing ever more towards video content than ever before. Your Face book feed highlights banner brand ads written in a very informal language and messaging types. People seem to prefer this type of promotion to more than a long, boring copy.

We suggest that brands adopt this type of promotion for small content, as this form of advertising is becoming more popular. This is the best way to impress and engage their audience in the coming days.

3. Invest time and effort in quality social media marketing

In a recent survey, only 3% of respondents voted CMO that social media have in fact played an important role in the success of their brand. Despite these facts, more and more brands are investing in social networks and increasing from 10% to 20%, by 2021, will this improve their performance equally?

The fact is that most so-called experts in the social media have little idea to effectively use social media to promote the brand. They also take casual and think that simply publish or comment from time to time is all they need to do. Not really. They need much more effort in the form of extensive research, planning.

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