Are you looking for the best news app? Here is the well updated and researched apps for you that will flow you into the world of news and only news. The list contains the best news app for your device that will let you enjoy the different worlds full of thrill and excitement and will further ease your path in selecting the desired stuff for your device.

So, let’s move on with the awesome apps.


Sitting down the sky in the motherly arms of nature enjoying the buzzing of the honeybees sucking the nectar from the flower, the tuneful sound of the birds and above all with the newspaper in one of our hand enjoying the sips of tea. But imagine a day when the newspaper boy is unable to deliver the newspaper and it has been withheld. The very situation you can’t even think of in your dreams and having viewed through your naked eyes is far beyond your imagination. So, here is this app which will allow you to dive into the informative world of the news starting your day from the fight of the political titans to the cricketing world of the sports.

Download here Short news app in English

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Well, you all know about this news channel which from several years has made the children cry for the smiley cartoons which they watch after being tied up by their homework. The news channel which updates you with the current happenings across the globe is now available in Google Play Store where you can control the world under the tip of your fingers. So, download this awesome app and flow into the sea of news.

Download here AAJ TAK


Are you looking for the sports app that will update you with all the happenings in the world of sports? Here is the best cricket app for you that will take care of all your problems and automatically notifies you even if you are unable to watch the raining sixes or the batsmen getting fooled by the awesome swivel by the bowlers. If you have a reliable internet connection then anywhere you can enjoy the match with the mind blowing commentary by the commentators giving you the same sensation as felt by your naked eyes.

Download here CRICKBUZZ


Imagine you are sitting at your home enjoying the birds flying over the bluish sky and the lovely flowers blooming with the honeybees sucking nectar from it. The situation is an overwhelming one and we want that particular period to go on forever when suddenly the black clouds came as the eclipse to let you speak bad words to it. Even if you are planning to go outside you might not be able to go outside by having the blackish view and there comes the necessity of this app which updates you with changing temperature and the weather condition around you.

Download here WEATHER


The app does not need any introduction because the words would be short enough to build its bridge of praise and appreciation. It is one of the best news apps that allow you to pull lots of information from various sites and sources. Even if you forget to take any of the news it will automatically notify thus always keeping you updated. Download this free app from the Play Store and cover you with all the information you want.

Download here FEEDLY

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