Top 5 Web Designing Trend to Follow in 2017

The traditional concepts of designing a website are diminishing. Now designing the framework of a website is less creative and more like a marketing job. With the rise of digital marketing practices, a website has become the most important assets for every businessman. So designers have to create a website that can develop leads into a customer. In this post today, I will discuss the top 5 tips that you should follow when designing a website.


Let Your Content Shine Like Diamond:
There is no doubt that content is the king. After all, it is the writing of a webpage that encourages a potential customer to make a purchase from your online store or hire your company for getting professional services. You should use the right font and perfect font size for highlighting the main part of your content. Always keep the basic in mind when creating a website.

Making a Conversational User Interface:
The user interface of a website mainly refers how a user feels about your brand, product or service after visiting your website. It is a tough job. But the designer has to think as a general visitor while designing a website.

Putting CTA Button Naturally:
This point is also related to lead conversion. A call to action button helps your potential customers to contact your business. So you can consider the CTA button the first step towards success. Business owners can hire a professional company that offers web design in Cape Town as well as in other big cities in South Africa. They will help you to put CTA button naturally on your website.

Animation and GIF:
Using animated files on a website has become a trend of designing. It also enhances the UI of your website. But you should not over use it. Put an animation file only at that place where it is needed.

Responsive Website:
Before making a layout of a website, you have to keep one thing in mind that user may use different devices for accessing the website. RWD has the ability to reshape and resize the content of a website based on the accessing device. As a result, responsive websites remain the same functional whether it is accessed from a smartphone, tab, desktop or laptop.

Data Visualization – Use Infographics to Draw Attention:
Analyzing data is an important job for all the big ventures. Presenting data through images (infographics) is an art of getting the attention of your potential clients. It will help you to know people about your achievement and success. So you can also use infographics on your website.

Bottom Lines:
So this is all for today. Entrepreneurs can hire a company that offers services like web designing and web development in Cape Town. Hope the post was helpful and you enjoyed reading it.

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