Top 9 Reasons for Switching to

Are you looking forward to open up a Gmail Id? Well! Before you do that you should know certain features about Gmail which will benefit you. It is basically free and search based webmail service that is operated by Google having some of the best traditional email features.

It has some innovative and modern features which includes retrieving, spam technology etc.  It also offers a data space of about 5 GB capacities to each user. So are you excited to know some of the awesome features that Gmail will offer to you? Well! Then check out this post.


9 Reasons for Switching to Gmail:

So here are the main reasons which will make you switch from other email service providers to Gmail. Let’s see what they are:

  1. Innovative Spam Technology:

Well! This is one of the unique features which Google only provides to Gmail. Yes! It is the best spam fighting feature. With this feature you can simply select the emails you want to mark as spam and Google will then find out similar emails and will send them to your spam folder.

  1. Search Technology

With an option of more than 5 Gigabytes of information all the users of are actually benefitted with more than storing over 500,000 pages of the emails. You can also use the keyword to search the emails as you need!

  1. Organize replies into conversations

Now the next thing which might always help you is the conversations which come to play! You can always organize replies into conversations which may help you to get the best things when you need!

  1. Built-in chat feature:

The Built-in chat feature is one of the best things which comes up to a big thing! Well, for almost everyone the chat feature allows you to talk over with your contacts instantly! You can also use mobile based application which will get you to the best things!

  1. Labels, filters, and stars:

The option of Labels, filters, and stars gives you the liability to mark messages as well as emails at any time. You can always sort out the mails and the conversations which will give you the most options to get the messages at any time.

  1. Mobile Access

The best part of using Gmail is that you can even operate it from mobile. So if you are travelling outside, you can download the Gmail based application and then synchronize it for regular updates. It just takes a minimum time to get updated!

  1. Ads in place

With the help of Google AdSense program you can receive different advertisements for promotions. You can also send advertisements with the help of your account based in Gmail! However the best part is that it does not occupy the reading space!

  1. Save Time

One of the best things is that if you have installed the Gmail web based application; you can always get in touch with updating the files! So you may not have to spend more time with it. Only a single click may give you the link to access your mail account!

  1. Gmail is Free

The best part of using Gmail is that it is completely free!

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