Top Benefits of Using Cloud-Enabled Ad Technology


Cloud advertising solutions are for managing workflows related to advertising. The industry experts predict that cloud-based advertising services are going to be a significant part of the broadcast industry with over lakhs of users associated in the next few years. It is because cloud technology provides the best medium for advertising which is not only cost effective, but supports advanced features such as edge playout, targeted advertising, OTT dynamic ad insertion, and disaster recovery. Here is the list of top benefits that cloud advertising offers:

Better Performance, Security & Reduced Cost

The concept of a cloud-based ad network in India is focused on providing quality services at the reduced cost. This is why the cloud is transforming broadcasting industry and making it possible for any size business owner to display their ads without the cost constraints. The technology promotes the secure content distribution and a better option for content owners who serve many clients from India & abroad. Of course, there is a prime need for robust security when delivering or streaming content to end-users.

Offer Relevance & Control over Broadcast Functions

Cloud-based ad networks operate using a physical infrastructure, and can be wired or wireless. This technology is allowing broadcasters to distribute content as per the market needs and within geographies, they operate in. Such technology improves interactivity between advertisers & users and offers control over supporting functions such as media asset management, ad traffic scheduling, automated quality control/edits, and presentation scheduling.

Advertisers can Track & Manage TV Ad Performance

Cloud-based ad networks make it easy to track & manage local content playlist. It ensures that the display ad should reach the right consumer, at the right time and with the right message. The technology comes with local asset transfer management capability, which allows advertisers to track the entire performance & flow of content broadcasted in a particular region.

High Capacity Playout Server & Disaster Management

Cloud-enabled broadcast allows viewers to experience seamless ads that increase user satisfaction. The cloud servers are connected from where the content & playlist are managed and also offer a regular data backup facility. The technology is the combination of STORM IRD and CLOUDPORT EDGE playout servers. All ads are fully secured on the server and continue even in the case of any emergency such as the natural disaster, or in the case of complete satellite breakdown.

To Conclude

By implementing the cloud-enabled broadcasting into your company’s advertising space, you are one step closer towards becoming the leader of the niche that your clients expect you to be.

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