Top Considerations Why You Should Choose Dedicated Server

If you have decided to host your website on a dedicated server, then this is important for you to know dedicated server is right for you or not. Simply, a dedicated server offers fast data access, high performance and easily accommodate high traffic volumes. So, those want complete control over their website along with the total reliability; you must need a dedicated server hosting.

The primary thing you will need to look for when purchasing a dedicated server from any provider is the platform that the server is built upon. Choosing a right server platform is important because it offers the following benefits:

  • Determine the type & numbers of CPUs
  • The type of hard drives used
  • The size of RAM a server can use
  • The quantity of NICs in the server

Why to Opt for Dedicated Server?

why-dedicated-server-is best?

Choice in Operating System

Mainly there are two types of operating systems available on the dedicated server, namely Linux and Windows. Linux is derived from UNIX and has been a popular choice in the hosting environment. Microsoft’s Windows servers are preferred by large organizations, as it offers greater flexibility & power. While a Linux OS provide reliability, speed and security to a website. You can choose one option by analyzing your requirements.

Control Over All Server Resources

When you choose a dedicated server, you’ll get complete access to the server resources. Also, you don’t need to worry about your website performance or clogging of RAM or CPU, as it’s sure that bad scripts running on other websites will not slow down your server speed.

Enhanced Security of Data on a Website


A website hosted on a dedicated server will never share space with any other malicious site or spam site. So, this will probably enhance security of a site, which is important for most of the e-commerce sites having sensitive data like customer details, payment transactions, etc. over FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Enhanced Performance & Uptime

The best thing that comes with a dedicated hosting server is the guarantee of maximum uptime for your online presence. It is most suitable for websites that have higher volumes of traffic and customer data. Similarly, if you’ve a website with heavy user interface, media content, and a lot of incoming traffic, then only a dedicated server can provide you high level of stability & performance.

In the End

Look for these simple things to ensure you choose the right type of dedicated hosting server. It’s a better choice for you especially if you have a big site or e-commerce site that receive heavy amount of traffic. It is important for you to know that never compromise on quality of host server to save money, that’s why dedicated server is a right choice in all terms.


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