Top Features of Dewalt DW735 Planer

One of the top drawer thickness planers available across the market today is the DW735 Planer from Dewalt. The machine is extremely powerful and is able to go through any different wood piece you feed to the machine. Having won a number of magazine comparison tests and getting good reviews from a number of users around the world that have used the machine, the Dewalt DW735 is among the top Planers ever made. Here are the top features of the Dewalt DW735. You can also check Portable Thickness Planers.

Super Strong Motor

The DW735 is fitted with a very powerful 15 AMP Motor. This motor is able to provide upto 20,000 RPM with a 10,000 RPM cutterhead speed. The size of this motor allows you to make larger cuts in the wooden logs with relative ease.

Two Speed GearBox

The Dewalt DW735 is fitted with a Gearbox mechanism which is able to provide you two different blade speeds for the woodwork process. You can change the speed of the blades from the two options – 96 CPI and 179 CPI. The former takes a longer time to cut through the woods but provides you with a cleaner cut. The latter speed is usually associated when you have to cut through wooden materials with less number of passes. However, it usually ends up with few unclean cuts on the piece as well.

3 Knife Cutter Head

The DW735 is fitted with a new and unique 3 knife cutter head. Combined with the powerful motor, the cutterhead provides a maximum cut depth of around 1/8th part of an inch and can give you a depth capacity of about 6 inches. The company is of the opinion that their razor sharp blades long at least 30% longer than your regular Planer blades. The blades can be reversed and reused making it last very long.

Chip Ejection System with Fan assist

Most woodworkers would about the dust problem you will face while working with different thickness Planers. However, the DW735 provides you with a new way to get rid of the problem. The machine is fitted with a motorized fan which helps to break down the debris from the woodworks. It also helps to blow the debris into one of two dust shrouds that is included in the machine. You can easily connect the dust shroud with a vacuum hose to clean the dust from the machine.

Precision Cutting Capabilities

The DW735 is fitted with a Gauge bar and a measuring big side wheel. These impressive tools can help you measure the cutting needs for your wood material. Also, the Death Stop feature allows you to set a maximum limit for how deep your cut should be and the machine won’t make the cut any deeper than the limit you set.

Great Design Build

The machine is fitted with a 19-3/4th cast Aluminum base. The company promises that the base is more than 2 times as strong as the base of other Wooden Planers available. The built quality is great and the machine uses high quality materials both on the inside and on the outside to make the product.

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