Make the transactions to your employees and customers more official

High customer loyalty is one of the most important requirements for running a successful business. For keeping their customers happy and loyal, companies need to find ways to prevent any possible conflict, and when conflicts do happen they need to resolve them in effective and peaceful way. Since sales run businesses, conflicts between companies and their customers mainly spark in sales or support fields.

Customer who bought company’s product that doesn’t work or in his/hers opinion it doesn’t include all the promised features, has the right to file a complaint for product to be replaced or in worst case ask for money refund. Theoretically these conflict situations should be handled professionally and with an utmost respect for customer’s demands. In practice, things don’t always work that way.

Customers often ask for money refund on basis of totally unreasonable claims and even then company needs to meet their demands in order to keep customer loyalty at high levels and earn a few extra points through word-to-mouth marketing. When this happens one of the most important documents customers need to show is the receipt for purchased goods.

Receipt problem

Most customers throw their receipts immediately after the purchase. This includes both credit card and cash receipts. This creates a lot of problems when they want to file complaints about purchased goods. Situation can turn into a problem for both customers and company management. Without a receipt customer won’t be able to get a refund or product replacement and growing number of unsatisfied customers is the biggest threat for keeping company’s sales at the high level.

Mobile Paying Systems

Online paying systems brought solutions to these common sales problems. After customer pays for goods with online paying system, both customer and company receive e mail receipt that can be easily kept, printed and shown in case customer decides to complain about purchased products.

There are different online payment systems on the market. One of the biggest breakthroughs, that introduced online payment systems in brick and mortar retail stores, was the implementation of near field communication technology and PayPass terminals. These allow customers to pay their goods with their mobile phones, by using mobile payment systems. In addition to all the practicality these systems bring, transactions made with mobile payment systems are recorded and kept in both mobile phone memory and in customer’s e mail inbox.

Mobile transactions that work with PayPass terminals are not the only way to enable customers to pay their purchases with their smartphone. Since PayPass terminals might be too expensive for small businesses, installation of this software might help entrepreneurs to prevent many conflict situations, and to keep customer loyalty at the highest possible level.

Using online payment systems to pay employees

Many entrepreneurs don’t have enough money to hire experts on regular bases, so they often search for some freelance help on various online marketplaces, or from people they know personally. Since freelancers are usually being hired without a proper contract, this can lead to harsh money. By paying freelance experts with online payment systems, using some type of payment integration, entrepreneurs can easily keep record of all transactions, between the company and the employees, which makes their relationship more transparent and increases the trust.

With such a strong competition entrepreneurs need to concentrate their money, time and energy solely on their business. This means they should use all available features latest tech brings, so they can reduce number of conflicts in and out of their organization to the minimum.

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