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Truecaller the global cross platform application functions as a caller ID which will display the name of the caller when you are online. It will fetch the name of the person calling from the data stored in its cloud storage’s. The application began providing names of unknown callers. It is a crowd sourced database caller id, meaning the names of numbers are obtained from the registered user-sand their phone books.

True Caller

True Caller App

The app was first launched in blackberry phones and is now available in every other smart phone operating system.
The software was developed by True software Scandinavia AB, located in Stockholm, Sweden, Co-founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in the year 2009.  Apart from working as a phone directory it also has the ability to block calls and has social media integration. Since it is an app which depends on the crowd source it can even work in countries like UK and India where public directories are not available.
It is available in 35 languages across the globe. It won the award for the company of the year in the year 2014 at Mobilagalan and also bagged the “Best Utility app award at the Swedish mobile awards.
The company has received $18.8 million from Sequoia capital in the early 2014. In the same year they also received $60 million from Nickolas Zenstrom’sAtomico and Keliner Perkins and Byers.

Some of the other features present in the latest app are:
Making calls
A user with truecaller app on their phone can dial numbers within the app there is no need to go to the standard phone dialing app in the mobile. While doing so that app identifies the person you are trying to call even before you place a call.

Caller id when offline
In general truecaller works if you are online. As the application needs to access the cloud services for data but with now there is no need to be online in certain cases. For example you have previously called or received a call from the number and still you haven’t saved it, then the next consecutive time when you receive a call from the same number, truecaller will automatically tell you the name of the person. This works like a small amount of cached memory on your phone.

Copy numbers from any source
Truecaller searches number in the phone without the user actually opening the source areas like email, websites and social media etc.

Call history
Within the application there is a feature which shows the call history in which the names of unknown numbers are displayed along.
Apart from the above stated features there is another major one which is it lets the user identify unknown number even within messaging applications such as whatsapp, line, viber and truecaller.
To turn on the feature the user has to go to the Truecaller settings and enable the messaging apps under the auto search option.

True caller in apple OS
The application comes with additional security for iPhones in the upcoming iOS 10. The operating system is made available in the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus. The application has updated itself to provide better protection and let them identify unwanted calls. It will now use the new callKit extension API released by Apple. It will enable app developers to identify spam calls.
Truecaller’s VP partnerships and growth Tom Hseih stated that with the increase in massive number of automated calls and telemarketing calls it is important to know who is calling. The update according to the VP has helped to identify more number of spam calls than before thus offering a quality experience to its customers.
iOS has also launched it updated OS to support 3D touch screen so all the applications will launch updates to match the 3 dimensional views. Initially they will be supporting features like peek and pop.

Truecaller was hacked
During 2013 the truecaller data was hacked by the Syrian Electronic army. The following was claimed by the hackers group in their twitter handle and they also went to state that 459 GB of data was stolen due to the old version of wordpress used. The hackers’ also tweeted truecaller’s database host ID, username and password. However the company stated that only their website was hacked and all the user data was safe

True dialer integrated
The standalone social calling application has integrated with truecaller. After integration the company has seen users making 500 million calls per month on an average. Also the user can know when their friends and family are online. This has fetched them a global partnership with Huawei to preload their app in their flagship device Honor 8.
However this is not the first time that they have partnered with a major smart phone maker. The Lenovo Vibe S1, OnePlus and YU smart phones came with the app pre-installed. Also it has joined hands with Cyanogen OS to build its app in its environment.

Turning into an identity platform and further expansion
The company has released an SDK that lets other application developers to verify users’ credentials and is now in partnership with monster.  The app has marked 100 million users in India and has set a target of 200 million users. India is the country which has a rapidly increasing smart phone user base. Thus this target seems to be realistic to the company. Already in the beginning of the year 2016 the company has managed to reach 120 million mark.
To achieve the company has introduced the offline feature which was the popularly demanded one. Due to heavy number of users and budding infrastructure for internet the country’s telecom companies have been facing difficulty to provide good internet connectivity.
It also launched true messenger application dedicated for short message services exclusively in India during 2015. It helps in identifying the sender of an SMS.

Latest update
In the beginning of the year 2016 Cheetah Mobile security and research lab discovered vulnerability in the application. According to which the users’ data can be stolen as the app uses the associated IMEI number to authenticate the users after logging once initially. The security company said that they were able to retrieves users data such as profile picture, e-mail id, home address and gender.
On complete exploitation the attackers can steal account numbers, modify users application settings, disable spam blockers, disable user’s blacklist. The company promptly informed truecaller of this flaw; following this an upgraded version was released. However the company said security of no data was compromised.

Android N update
The next big update of Google is android N which is speculated to have smarter blocking options when truecallers to executives were questioned about this they stated that the update hasn’t been launched and nothing was clear about it.  Many however believe it would become a huge competition to truecaller functionality.

As of now truecaller is one of the seamlessly functioning caller ID application with a huge data base of users. With the ever updating features.

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