Types of Visas for Visitors

Migration or exodus is as old as the mankind. The moment one feels that he has got limited options on his land and the life can be better if he moves to another country which is developed and known as the countries of the first world. However, for one it is important to know the rules and regulations set by the concerned country for visa and immigration.

With the intention to study or visit or carry out the activities of the business in Canada, people from various other nations are required to apply for the purpose of the visitor’s visa. There is a list of a large number of countries whose citizens either need or do not need a visitor visa in Canada. In this country, a visitor visa is known as temporary resident permit or is often referred to as temporary resident visa.

You are able to come across two different kinds of immigration Canada visitor visa in the country such as multiple entry or single entry.

Single entry visa — In the case of the single entry visa meant for visitor permits its holder to make entry into Canada only once. In case the visa holder departs from Canada and is desirous to return, he will be needed to apply for another visa but do not need another visa if they intend to go to the USA. This single entry visa for visitor has validity only for six months.

Multiple entry visa — In the case of the multiple entry visa, a visitor is permitted to depart or enter again Canada a number of times for the period of the validity of the visa. This multiple entry visa meant for visitor has validity for a long span of time in comparison to the single entry visa which has validity for six months only. Both of the visas are different, and the number of entries you make in Canada is stated on your visa.

Single entry visa versus multiple entry visa

Whether you need a single entry visa or you are in need of multiple entry visa will necessarily depend on your decision and circumstances. In case you happen to visit your family in Canada and intend to stay there for the whole time of your trip and do not want to go outside Canada or another country like the USA, you will require having a single entry visa for you. But, in case you intend to take a trip amid Canada and some other nations or there arises any kind of family emergency and you are forced to return to your homeland, and after that make entry into Canada again, in that case, multiple entry visa is appropriate for you. In both cases, you need to have visa visitor Canada to enjoy the country.

You will come upon several advantages and limitations of both the types of visas needed for visitor which are able to be increased by the personal circumstances of the visitor or by what you prefer for yourself.

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