The Ultimate Guide to Paid Resources for Travel Bloggers


If you are starting out in the travel blogging niche, trust me there is more to it than meets the eye.

Deciding upon a domain name, a platform, buying hosting, setting up WordPress, customization of blog design is only tip of the ice berg.

There is a lot more, a ton of other things that you will have to learn to become a prominent figure in the travel blogging niche.


Here are some of the characteristics that prominent travel bloggers posses:-

  1. A large vision
  2. Ability to slog it out
  3. Ability to learn from other people
  4. Use of right software
  5. Connecting with people
  6. Having a charisma that doesn’t take no for an answer

Let’s start with the ultimate resources for a travel blogger.


If you do not have prior experience in blog writing, you should consider taking the courses below. Blog writing is different from traditional writing that you may have done in school or college. Web writing generally has informal tone, is written in first person, and has shorter paragraphs.

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Here are the course that you can take:-

Travel Blog Success course – This course costs $347, which is quite expensive, but will take you from a blogging newbie to a blogging ninja.

Travel Blogging 101 course – This course will not only teach you about content, but will also help you with content outreach, search engine optimization techniques, and will provide a lot of different networking opportunities.

On Writing Well – This is a paid course from William Zinsser, a leader in the web writing niche.


Without artsy photographs, your blog won’t be able to capture the attention of your readers. If you don’t know photography, here are some easy courses to get you started:-

Getting out of Auto – This incredible book from Beers and Beans is based on her professional experience with photography. It will guide you about how to use a camera well. It will also guide you about settings in the manual mode.

Digital Photography School – This course is from Darren Rowse, a well known name in the blogging industry, because of his top blog, This course will give you a lot of hands-on experience with using a camera to take ultimate shots.

Business of blogging

After all, our aim here to make a travel blog, so successful that it is able to replace a day job. So, learning about marketing your blog and making money from it is very important.

Here are some of the courses to get you started:-

31 days to build a better blog – This course will give you small assignments for 31 days and in the end you will get a blog that is geared for success.

Bloggers guide to online marketing – This small eBook doesn’t cost much, but will reveal all the information there is to blog marketing and making money online.


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