Unique Domain Naming Techniques for Web Marketers

The first thought that comes in your mind when you finally decide to launch a website is what would be your website called in the web space. There are stories of people who have found the perfect domain name that are similar to some famous names, some have misspellings in the domain, some have irrelevant keywords, but all this make their name invaluable in the advertising space. The purpose of a domain name is to impart effortlessly a decipherable identity to the web resources addressed numerically.

But, today web hosting the world is ready to touch new height and to get more creative. With all the latest advancement & upgrades your site’s domain name has the power to work as an even better marketing tool, by using a few innovative, unique, catchy and relevant suffix. If you’re looking to improve your brand image, get knowledge of the latest trend and guarantee no one will forget your website name.

Top Ideas to Create Unique & Attractive Domain Names

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One-word Domain

Many brands are using a one-word domain that is just the combination of one or two syllables, and they short & unique. Some of the popular brands using syllables in their domain name are:

  • Uber – On-demand ride share service
  • Nest – Make of smart home tech products, smoke detectors, and thermostats
  • Square – Credit card processing technology
  • Tinder – A popular dating app

Human Names

Choosing human names for the domain is a popular choice that also helps to personalize a brand. This will work best for a company that runs a product or service that is more related to the basic needs or things that are important to people or relate to their life, such as insurance, rating app, retail stores, etc.

  • Bruno
  • Oscar
  • Lulu
  • Alfred

Mash-up Names

Mash-up names are easy to remember and are most popular in the media industry, as most of the brands began blending their names into one. These names are also inspired by the latest trend in the media world and other business. Some of the popular brands using such name are:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Zillow
  • Instacart

Besides that, there are many more trendy ways to design a domain name, for instance, you can create something new using compound words (Fit+Bit = FitBit, Snap+Chat = SnapCHAT). Drop the vowel from the words (Flickr, Tumblr) and domain without .com is a new trend that has become the first-choice of businesses see through examples – www.driftaway.coffee, www.BetterBox.life, and www.soul.camp.

Bottom Line

If you need to showcase your work or business domain on the internet, owning a unique & attractive domain name is a perfect way. This will give you more sense of professionalism and credibility.

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