Use a Sawzall to Fix any Mistake


Using a Sawzall at home doesn’t require too much experience.  However, that lack of experience can turn your home project into a disaster.  This can happen when you make the wrong cut, and you need to fix it.

Though some types of materials will get too damaged, you can turn those mistakes around.  No matter how big or small the mistake is, you need to make sure you can fix it.  You can do this through a variety of means.  These simple tricks and tips will ensure you don’t let any material go to waste.

Use a Sawzall to Fix any Mistake

Mistakes Happen

No matter what your cutting expertise is, chances are that you will make a mistake.  It happens, and the most important thing to know is don’t panic.  Some mistakes are going to be bigger than others, and you should keep everything in perspective.

Depending on what happened, you can correct the mistake.  Understanding what happened, and what you need to do to fix it will make fixing it easier.  You should also make sure the material is still okay to use.  Otherwise, you’ll have to start over from scratch.

Fixing Dovetail Mistakes

Depending on what you’re cutting you can salvage the part.  This includes fixing a dovetail cut.  This is where you start to make a cut, but it is not aligned.  Whether you realized you were cutting on the wrong part of the wood, or just misaligned the cut, you can fix it.

You should pinch them together at the cutline.  You can then make a cut against the anchoring of your fingers.  Ensure your fingers aren’t in the way.  You can use a Sawzall to cut the line perfectly, which will fix your dovetail mistake.

Stretching Wood

You may cut a piece of wood too much, which makes it unusable for your project.  If this happens, you can create a scarf joint.  The piece of wood should be bigger than you need it.  This is a simple fix that won’t take too much effort to correct.

Though you might think that stretching the wood incudes pulling it, you don’t need to.  You will need to saw the piece diagonally first.  Once that is done, you will need to glue the two pieces back together.  This will form a narrower and a longer piece, making it perfect for flooring.

Maximizing Width

You can maximize the width of your boards with some finesse.  Any jointing or ripping off bad edges that will limit how wide the board will be.  If you’re cutting flooring, cutting the board too short will prevent the boards from fitting together.

If you do happen to cut a board too short, you can cut it into two smaller pieces.  These can be used for small fixes for your project.  You should cut them evenly, and usually a diagonal piece will suffice.  You will need to use the Sawzall to cut the wood to the dimensions you need.

Fixing Loose Joints

Some joints may wiggle, especially Mortise-and-Tenon joints.  If these joints wiggle, you will need to act to fix the problem.  You can use the Sawzall at your disposal to fix any loose joints you come across.

If you find a loose joint, you should fix the mortise.  You will need to cut two thin patches or shims.  You should orient the grain and glue them to the sides of the tenon.  When the glue is dried, you will need to cut the tenon again.  This will create a perfect fit for your needs, and is a quick process.

Enlarging a Hole

Sometimes when you’re cutting, you’re not too focused on what size holes you’re making.  When it comes to cutting holes, you can do this easily.  Unless you cut the holes too big at the start, you can always make them bigger.  You should make sure you’re cutting smaller holes to start off.

If you happen to cut a hole that’s too small, you can always fix it.  Using a Sawzall is perfect for this situation because you can control it easily.  You will need to draw a circle around the area you want your hole to be bigger, and follow the cut lines that way.


When you’re cutting wood, chances are you’re going to make mistakes.  It happens, so you should know how to fix any problems that come up.  Some mistakes can’t be undone, but every mistake is a learning experience.  You should consider using a Sawzall to fix those mistakes.

You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake while cutting wood.  You can always learn from your mistakes.  If you don’t happen to have a Sawzall, you should consider getting one.  They have reliable power, and you can fix any mistake with a Sawzall.

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