5 Useful Tips For Playing Ark Survival Game

Ark survival evolved as the most played survival game with freaking Dinos inside it now because I have been enjoying ark game, this past times figured I would share what I have learned so far from my adventures and getting involved with the community to make your limited life easier in Ark.

Ark Survival

Let’s have a quick eye on five essential tips for playing Ark Survival game, starting from the basic ones to the most important one !!!

1. Get Used To The Basics Ark Commands, And Fast:

There are pillars of light around the map are like air drops it, takes the time for the container of loot to hit the ground. Here, different colours of pillars represent a level requirement to loot the container, like white is level3, green is 15, blue is 25, purple is 35, and yellow is 45. Use Ark Commands given below to ease your game play.

  1. Pressing Q will hosts anything in your hand, again pressing Q will equip your last equipped item.
  2. Pressing P with your map open will place marks at latitude and longitude.
  3. While Pressing F while on your mount exits your mountain menu.
  4. Pressing J will cause all pets to follow you.
  5. And Pressing T while looking at a pet will make it follow you.
  6. Pressing Y will make it stay.

Check out your status bar in the top left for the temperature. Holding down the hot bar key associated with an item on your hot bar will show the tooltip for that item. Open your console by pressing title key and entering a stats display your ‘fps’ and ping-in-game. You do not need to be facing resources with E, is based on your vicinity. When gathering from plants, you can hold e to collect all the resources without spanning.

2. Try Not To Overdo It; Use the Right Tools For The Job:

Use dodos for the source of hiding and fish for raw meat. Feeding anything like narco barriers will prolong the unconsciousness state, feeding anything. For example, unconsciousness stim berries will reduce the unconsciousness state, this is also the case when punching them in their head but when gaming, the taming effectiveness will decrease as a result when hitting brought river pic you will get more flint when using a hatchet you will get more stones.

When hitting trees with a pair cure gets fatter, when using a hatchet, you will get more wood. When hitting a corpse with a pic you will get more meat when using a hatchet, you would get more hide.

3. Repair Rather Than Re-crafting:

One of the fastest methods to level up is by crafting items that require few materials such as spark and gunpowder. We can create a crafting queue by clicking recipes multiple time multiple recipes work. You can continue to craft while the crafting window is closed. Crafting and filling out the water skin before, you head in the land, is highly recommendable.

You can also fill water skin by standing in shallow water or the rain using the corresponding hopper key. When transferring items from a container, double clicking gives you one of the items. And while shift double clicking gives you five.

4. Save Your Energy And Hydration, Have Stamina:

While you are in the cold you will lose energy at an increased rate. While hot will lose hydration at an increased rate. When drowning in water is much easier to swim to shore than it is to swim to the surface, in that cases standing still regenerates your stamina much faster than jogging but this consumes a lot of energy and hydration.

So, if you are slow on energy in hydration jog to regain stamina instead while it’s raining hydration will not go down.

5. Tame A Scorpion:

While you sprint, you can eat raw meat with around half the benefits of cooked meat. However, your health will go down slightly when eating raw meat, placing meats or berries inside your pets inventory will slow down the decay time by 75% but spoiled isn’t completely useless. The only way to tame a scorpion in the game is by feeding it wasted, means a bonus.

When you hunger, the bar turns light blue colour means you are ready to poop Persely to poop equipping your deck means you can throw your poop at other players poop. Ark survival seems to come out of nowhere and generates a lot of hype in the gaming community but while all of that hype hasn’t lived up to his expectations and hype usually doesn’t.

It’s really surprising by how many way features are there in Ark and how much detail each of those features has for anyone that’s one on the fence about buying ark we would highly recommend doing so as long as you don’t play for more hours you can a refund through steam now to test out if your computer can handle dark and ultimately help you decide if you like the game or not.

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