Vikings Season 5: Fans to Witness the Demise of King Ragnar Lothbrok?

The ongoing season of Vikings is proceeding towards being another victorious installment of the historical drama series. The last episode of Vikings Season 4 which was telecasted on December 28, 2016, ended with a cliffhanger as it depicted how Ragnar shows no mercy towards King Aelle because of his deeds. And if the fourth installment of the series can escalate the potency level of the plot line to this extent, then we wonder how engrossing would Vikings Season 5 be? There are still few more episodes of Vikings Season 4 left which are needed to be telecasted, and the fans are already waiting for the show runners to announce the official release date of Vikings Season 5. There are innumerable speculations which are doing the rounds on the internet regarding the happenings of Vikings Season 5. And the most talked about rumor is the demise of King Ragnar Lothbrok.

Some reports say that there are high chances of Ragnar’s life coming to an end in Vikings Season 5 due to which Lagertha might get the entire limelight. The character of Lagertha is expected to be extremely powerful in the approaching season of Vikings as reports state that she would wise to the ultimate glory by becoming the queen of Norway. On the other hand there are also speculations that Ragnar might make a comeback to Kattegat in order to win over the hearts of his son and gain back their trust which was lost right after he abandoned him.

If looked deep into the happenings of the upcoming season of Vikings, then the showrunners might add a new character into the plot line of the historical drama series, and the name of the character would be Astrid. Reports have shed light on this particular character that is expected to make an appearance in Vikings Season 5 and it is said that Astrid will play a huge role in Lagertha’s life. Clive Standen is also expected to make a guest appearance in few of the episodes of the approaching season of Vikings but nothing has been confirmed until now. So we need to wait until the showrunners make an official announcement on it.

Looking at all the speculations which are doing the rounds right now, it seems that the happenings of Vikings Season 5 surely have a lot in store for the fans. And the intensity level of the storyline would soar higher.
Nevertheless, each and every season of Vikings delivered until now, gained immense popularity among the fandom due to its nail biting episodes. Therefore, the expectation level from the upcoming season of the historical drama series has eventually soared higher.

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