Is VPS Server Hosting only about Lower Cost?

VPS server hosting has come up as one of the most popular hosting solutions recently. Whether it is a small business, a growing one, or enterprise-level business, every entity prefers a VPS solution. The most dominant reason for its choice is surely the cost factor. However, it is not the only reason why businesses are choosing VPS servers. Unlike shared hosting, the virtual private servers are dedicated in nature and come with own operating system. In fact, there are also limited dedicated resources and facilities available to each VPS customer. All these facilities are available to VPS server hosting customers at far lesser price than dedicated servers. In fact, the price is just a few bucks more than the shared hosting solutions. Therefore, it can be seen that increase in popularity of VPS is not dependent upon lower price only. What adds to the demand is the dedicated environment with more control on data and enhanced bandwidth. In the most common form of server virtualization, a single machine server is internally segregated into multiple independently functioning virtual servers, where every VPS not only has its own OS but also limited amount of processing power, disk space/storage, and networking resources.

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Now, let’s check some of the other beneficial aspects associated with VPS server hosting –

#1 Customers get more flexibility with this hosting type over the shared hosting solutions.One of the most important advantages here is the ability to host any IT solution, whether it is website, virtual desktop, or applications. In fact, the extent of scalability is much more in case of VPS hosting solutions than shared hosting.

#2 Another beneficial aspect here is the ability to deploy in a faster manner. In case of on-site IT solutions, the deployment process can take up several weeks’ time. The main reason behind this delay lies in the fact that all the required hardware needs to be purchased and then set up. In datacenters, the VPS set-up deployments can be done in a much faster manner. This is because the hardware set-up is already there in data centers. All it needs is the software for creating the virtual space. There is an additional benefit of data center VPSs over the on-site set-ups is that there is no requirement of disposing off or selling the hardware once the contract ends.

#3 When a business moves from shared hosting to VPS server hosting, it gets three advantages and they are reliability, security, and performance. As more bandwidth is available to each virtual server, the performance of hosted site or sites gets better. Another thing that is very important is the round the clock monitoring of the VPS server by experts and knowledgeable personnel, belonging to the hosting company itself. These personnel are experienced too and that’s why they know beforehand the problems that are going to take place, just by seeing the symptoms. This means your VPS almost never fails to work. Another aspect that is very important is the differentiated administrative layers. They differ between application layers and operating system.

These are the main advantages of VPS server hosting, besides lower pricing factor than shared hosting.

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    Fakharuddin June 11, 2016 at 7:51 am

    Hi narender,
    People love to use VPS hosting to improve their website loading time, keep it secure and reduce cost.

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    JamesHayden June 15, 2016 at 6:29 am

    Nice blog containing advantages of VPS server hosting. No, vps hosting is not about lower cost. It may strengthen or bring down your business. The process of finding the best web hosting company starts from knowing your requirements. I am also a web hosting user and last time I hosted my business through VPS hosting of mywindowshosting. Thanks a lot for sharing with us. Keep blogging like this informative post.

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