Web designing trends that will lead in 2019

Your company’s website talks a lot about the personality of work. A website is like a human representative of your company which is why maintaining an up-to-date, attractive website is essential. Even if you are just a web designer reading this article, you too are constantly required to keep up with trends to meet the needs of the market. The creativity you put in a website is not just about creating something out of the box but also making progressive modifications in existing designs. Revamping your website can also help portray how you are continuously working towards making user-experience easier.

Apart from basic features such as colours and fonts, there are multiple elements that help build a good website:

Black and white theme
we often find web designers trying too hard to play the colour theme right. However, in 2019 it is quite different. A simplistic black and white design will go a long way for your website. While white colour will make a clear and clean picture, black will help create impact of the business. This will also help in highlighting the important points and will call for action. The professionals of website Development in Mumbai suggest you to keep the things simple yet impactful.

Move over sharp edges and defined shapes

Though geometrical structures and symmetrical shapes add a sense of stability, this year, designers now are going for natural shapes. These shapes are made keeping in mind accessibility and comfort for users. The motive here is to develop a website that feels human and not too formal. In order to provide clients with expertise solutions web Development Company in Mumbai offer niche services at feasible prices.


Micro-interactions refer to small gestures on your website that seem inviting and human to the user. These interactions are a form of a specific reaction to an action taken by the user. For example, refreshing a Twitter page produces a beep which is a micro-interaction. 2019 is a step ahead of these basic features. Hovering, chimes, scrolling animations are making it big this year.

Enhance and develop more video content

We don’t need to emphasis on how videos help deliver information more effectively rather than just plain text content. Text often becomes boring after a point especially if it contents a lot of technical knowledge. Enhancing the quality and content of your videos will not only help website users to grasp the information easily but is also a great investment. Web Development Company can plan things for you and will make it extremely simple.

Minimalistic look

Gone are the days where creativity lied in how you utilized ever corner of your webpage. Consider going minimalistic with fewer elements and less content. keep the website easily to access with a clean slate. Whitespaces too can do wonders in avoiding distractions.

Utilising the thumb gestures

Almost all websites made in today’s time are mobile-friendly. Web designers have understood how people are now switching over to accessing website on their phone itself rather on desktop. However, it is now essential to develop interactive designs that are suitable for the movements of fingers on one’s phone.  The thumb is the most used finger on a touch-screen device so elements of importance can be kept close to its reach.


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