Website Audit – Which type do you need?

A website audit is an essential process. It empowers all online business, accomplished or start-up with actionable and real-time insights. When you execute it well, website audit will tell you the initiatives that are working well for you. Also, you get to know the areas where your website needs to improve. It will help you to better the overall performance and develop more leads.

Understanding the kind of SEO audit that your business requires

Through website audit, you can examine your site forensically. You can look at the problem areas detected and work on them. To know more about this, you can get in touch with However, the majority of the website audits comprise the following aspects.

On overall health audit

How does your present web traffic perform in comparison to the industry benchmarks? Have you noticed any initial red flags, for instance, a change in the time spent on your site, the referrals and bounce rates? This health evaluation will recognize several issues that are important for your SEO team to look for. It comprises of an overall site analysis. Here you can also analyze the site map, social media profiles, internal linking structures, citations and many more. Based on your audit chances, this evaluation might also comprise of technical aspects such as sever metrics, hosting, downtime and caching.

Penalties or Red Flags

Have you implemented any SEO practice that can pose a red flag? Is there anything on your website that can cause a Google penalty and hamper your site rank? SEO best practices are always changing. And what worked for you today, might not tomorrow. If you don’t change your practices along with time, you might find that your SEO practices are landing you in trouble. With a thorough website audit, you can identify these aspects and make the necessary changes.

Competitive audits

It is essential to check the way your website performs amongst online competition! The overall review will showcase the critical industry benchmarks. On the other hand, a competitive audit will provide better and in-depth details. You need to know about the right SEO practices that other market players are implementing, and you are not. It could be they are using long-tail keywords and optimized product listings that you aren’t.

There can be another scenario as well! Perhaps the competitor is not being able to execute the best practices as per the industry standards. And if your website implements the same, you will have a competitive edge over others. The main task here is to recognize the opportunities that get overlooked otherwise.

Negative attacks and penalties

Can a site downturn be the result of SEO violation? If yes, then it is essential to address these aspects. An SEO expert can understand if your site got penalized manually or algorithmically. Or has it been prey to any negative SEO. Once you recognize this, you can find the way out.

You can decide on the type of website audit you need, depending on your requirements. When you reach out to an ace SEO agency, you will get guided and assisted in every website audit process.

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