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With the increasing popularity of the lecture capture systems, students and lecturers are stepping in large numbers into this revolutionary education system. Time has come to upgrade this existing system. Here under, we provide you a few crazy technologies of lecture capture system which you must experience.

lecture capture system

Green screens:

One of the most common problems encountered during the early stages of lecture capture is displaying the presentation material clearly. Of late, this problem is completely resolved by the introduction of dynamic green screens. A fabric made from minute glass beads known as chromate is employed for green screens. It is surrounded by a chain of LEDs which go around the lens of camera. They can be manipulated to change the background color of the video. The ultimate purpose of the green screen is to add the presentation materials like power points or videos digitally. These materials can occupy the entire frame and can be as clear as the footage from the instructor. These clips are added after creation of the video.

Virtual screen:

It is aimed to introduce the instructor into the materials which are presented digitally. For this purpose, the instructor’s computer is equipped with a camera. All the movements of the instructor will be recorded with this 3D camera. The recorded video undergoes a few filtrations and in the end it presents the instructor in front of the material. In short, the material and the instructor are recorded independently and are later merged. The biggest advantage of this technique is that the instructor can enjoy the flexibility of recording the lectures from anywhere.

Light boards:

In dealing with mathematical subjects, the digital material inputs as in the above case may not be of much use. Here, there is a need to record the instructor while writing the mathematical expressions. In the orthodox recorder for college lectures, it is evident that a part of the written material will be blocked by the instructor’s body. The perfect solution which pops up to solve such kind of obstacles is the use of light boards. These boards capture the details written on it digitally.


Multi-perspective lecture capture systems record the instructor and the presentation material distinctly with HD video recording device. It is highly advantageous in presenting the video where the material and the instructor appear in the same view. The viewers can witness the instructor and the material side by side simultaneously. The modern teaching system includes various animations or videos as a part of the lecture. Multi view technique is capable of recording them with complete details.


The lecture capture system is highly criticized for its incapability of establishing an interaction between the students and instructors. This problem is well addressed by the latest methods. If the student has to answer a question, the lecture pauses and it can’t be continued until the student answers the question. It makes the viewer to get involved in the lecture. The students can also pose questions online which will be viewed by the instructor and all the other viewers. It promotes a healthy academic discussion.

What are you waiting for…?? Experience the lecture capture system in a whole new dimension by incorporating these tools into your system.

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