What Is Cloud Hosting & How To Get One For Yourself?

Cloud hosting is the latest form of hosting that has taken off in last few years. In this hosting, the computing resources to maintain your site are spread across multiple servers and are delivered as per the need. It does away with any downtime, in case a server malfunctions.

With such a hosting you can manage the peak loads easily, without having to face bandwidth issues. In fact, the website doesn’t rely on just one server, but on server-cluster which are termed as “cloud.”

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An Example:

The world’s most popular website Google.com is hosted in the cloud. Its resources are spread across hundreds of servers which ensure that this site is always up and running.

Working Explained

Each server on the cloud carries out a particular set of tasks, and if any of the sever fails, another server takes over, and you get a continuous and uninterrupted service.

How to Get the Right Cloud Hosting?

There are many cloud hosting providers in India. They offer various plans from which you can choose; here we’ll discuss some tips to help you select the right plan:

Availability Of Plans

The hosting provider which you are going to choose must be offering many plans. Usually, these plans are chargeable on the monthly/hourly basis. These plans offer differing CPU cores, RAM sizes, and storage capacity. Not just this you can choose how many IPs you want and what should be the data transfer speed. Some cloud service providers go a step ahead and offer you the flexibility of building your cloud.

24×7 Support is Must

This is helpful when you are facing any problems. The support comes in the form of Live Chat, E-mail Support, Toll-Free phone support, with knowledge based tutorials.

Should Have Existing Customers

While choosing a cloud hosting provider in India, you must see the current customers who are availing the services. If you have similar requirements, you can choose the plan you always required.

Should Have Recognitions

Any cloud service provider who is in business for long must be having industry recognitions. It ensures that your service provider has the necessary experience of delivering the services.

There are many clouds hosting providers in India who have all this in place, and they are in the industry for past many years. While ordering the right plan, you’ll have to ensure that the order goes through smoothly and the post-sales service is available to help you overcome any hiccups.


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