What women and men have to follow in Islam

Islamic are very regular and traditional in terms of their clothing, attitude and have wise living. For both men and women, there are specific rules that they need to follow, and they have to show modesty in the clothes they put. Women have to dress that could explain their believing attitude towards god. They are told never to display their finery, mean that dress is meant to protect the wearer from any level of harassment and also prevent them from becoming obsessed with pride through their outer appearance and looks. In this way, Muslims has developed a society which respects the boundaries of men and women equally. Every person has been judged by the knowledge, skill, values and hard work, not by its cover.

Clothes inclusions for women

Many Islamic women conceal themselves under the cloth that could be a hijab, niqab, jilbab some might cover half of their body and some covers the whole body. There are many offline and online shops having different variety in all these categories, it is easier to find a hijab caps fashion shop and could deliver the product anywhere in the world they all are having hijab cap dresses for sale. Traditional Islamic rules for men and women:

  • For women when in public:
    • Clothing must be modest and must cover the whole body from head till feet, only face, hands could be open.
    • Clothes should be loosening enough that the body shape is not visible to anyone.
    • Garments must be thick enough that no one could able to see the skin color.
    • Women cloth should not resemble men.
  • For men
    • Clothes should be concealed between the navel and knees.
    • Clothes should thick and loose enough to protect the private areas.
    • All garments should be kept above ankle bones.
    • Must be different from women clothing style.
    • Men could not be clothes made of silk and colored with saffron.

Need to include hijab

Hijab is the Islamic practice of preserving the women from getting harass on different levels, or not seen to men except their closer once. Men are not allowed to shake hands with women out in the society unless they have any direct relation or any close bond such as wife, daughter, paternal aunt, etc. Many people outer Muslim world believes that the hijab is under cultural practice, but it is a religious one.  

Different attitudes to the hijab

There are of numerous styles of hijab and designers are working in all over the world, and this is fine as far as all the conditions of hijab are met. Many Muslims are not wearing hijab and not wearing according to religion. Many people think women are forced by someone to wear hijab, but actually, this is the respect that women present to Islam and believe in their ancestors who have written such guidelines. We live in a far modern society wear hijab seems to be backward.

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