What’s all the buzz about Grand Theft Auto 6?

Are you a member of the GTA legion? Then you must be counting days till the release of GTA 6. It has been 3 long years since the release of GTA V (2013) and the wait is becoming longer by each passing day. GTA V was a chartbuster in every way possible. It sold 11.21 million copies for Take Two which pooled in more than $800 million USD worldwide. And this is the statistics of the first 24 hours following the official release.


Rumors and wishlist

GTA 6 holds higher expectations, not only in terms of revenue and sales, but also in terms of graphics, gameplay and rendering. There are quite a number of rumors, speculations and expectations which revolve around the upcoming Rockstar North apogee. Keep on reading to find out what the gaming world is talking about.

  1. Location

First we heard about GTA traveling to Tokyo and then we heard about GTA in London. But in reality Dan Houser said, “This time it will not be possible to take GTA to London. The network of roads and lanes are not compliant enough to build an interactive map.” We also came to know that an interactive multi-location map is out of the question as well. But finally it was DJ Whoo Kid who resolved all of our doubts regarding the final location. He was quoted in Ballerstatus saying, “I have been a part of CoD and a few GTA versions as well. As a matter of fact, I will be in the upcoming Rockstar game that is located in New York.” So it is the Big Apple which will see cars zooming and swags booming in the upcoming generation of Grand Theft Auto.

  1. Strong female character

A lot of us expected a strong female presence in the main storyline of Grand Theft Auto 6. Heck, Metal Gear Solid has done it and Dark Souls has done it, why not GTA as well? GTA enjoys a huge female fan following as well, so our expectations were running quite high as far as a new female protagonist was concerned. However according to Leslie Benzies, “This time we are not working on a new female lead. We have 45 years’ worth ideas to work on. But it is quite the future possibility.” So even if we do not get a female lead in GTA 6, we still keep our hopes up for the other Rockstar releases.

  1. Platform compatibility

GTA 6 will be released for all leading consoles just like the previous versions of Grand Theft Auto. PlayStation 4 and 5 will both support the new version alongside Xbox 360 and Xbox 1. The new generation of GTA can also be played on updated PC consoles provided they meet the minimum RAM and graphics card requirements.

  1. Release date

We do not hope to see an official release of GTA 6 before 2018. As a matter of fact, it may be early 2019 as well before the game is released for the global market.

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