What’s New in the 4th Generation Apple TV

Apple has been in the news for creating a diverse range of products such as iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. The latest version Apple TV — 4th Generation — was launched in the year 2015.

As we all are well versed with the fact that Apple is known for creating its products uniquely, it has brought forward its exclusive Apple TV that is more promising regarding design, power, software, connectivity, and a lot more. Let’s take a sneak peak into its extraordinary features, and decide whether you want to purchase it or not.

1. Weight and Dimensions

As compared to the third generation Apple TV launched in 2013, this new TV box is heavier, weighing 425 grams. Keeping consistency with a width (98 mm) and depth (98mm), the 4th generation Apple TV procures a height of 35 mm, which is more than its 3rd generation version which had the height of 23mm.

2. Remote

The latest version of Apple TV includes Glass Touch Surface, Accelerometer and Gyroscope, Bluetooth 4.0, and Lighting Connector for charging purpose. However, you can find IR Transmitter in Apple TVs of both the generations. You can see featured buttons including Menu, Display, Siri, Volume adjustments, Pause and Play, etc. on the remote. The Remote plays a dual role of an organiser as well as the game controller. So, now playing games on Apple TV has been revolutionised with the 4th generation Apple TV.

3. Processor

While the 3rd generation Apple TV came with Apple’s single core A5 chip of 32 bits, its current 4th generation TV’s processor is faster and steadier with its more powerful Apple dual core A8, 64 bits chip.

4. No Restriction on Downloading Third-Party Apps

The feature that surprised us the most is the freedom to download any third-party app and game. This was a relief to many people who were stuck using the stored apps in its previous version.

5. Storage

The internal storage of 4th generation Apple TV is a vast improvement over its previous iteration. The storage got pumped up 32GB and 64GB, from the measly 8GB storage of 3rd generation Apple TV. The presence of 2GB RAM in the 4th generation Apple TV beats its previous version that supports RAM of only 512 MB.

6. Ports

The 4th generation Apple TV comes packed with several ports including Ethernet, HDMI, IR Receiver and USB-C. We can consider the USB-C port as an improvement over the old Micro-USB.

7. Price

The price of Apple TV (2015) in India may pinch you a bit, but we all know that almost every product from Apple comes with a hefty price tag. The price of the 4th generation Apple TV starts from Rs. 13,500, while the one launched in 2013 was available at just Rs. 5,900.

8. Software

Did you have high expectations of the 4th generation Apple TV’s software? If yes, then Apple won’t disappoint you. With its tvOS software, you can run lots of Apps on your TV. You can even sync your Apple TV with your iPhone and iPad.

With these innovative features, the 4th generation Apple TV is there to please its users with fabulous innovations in Bluetooth technology, AV output, Apple Music and a lot more.

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